Classic Wrestling Championship

As 2011 rang in, Herb Simmons and Larry Matysik restructured SICW.  No longer would they recognize the numerous titles in the MMWA-SICW alliance.

SICW broke one tradition but made another with the CWC title.  It is the only title and highest honor in SICW.

Danny Boy Hawkins East Carondelet, Ill. 1/22/11 def. Brandon Espinosa in tournament final
Ron Powers East Carondelet, Ill. 3/26/11
Ricky Cruz East Carondelet, Ill. 5/19/12
Ken Kasa East Carondelet, Ill. 6/15/13 impromptu challenge match
Heath Hatton East Carondelet, Ill. 7/26/14
Flash Flanagan East Carondelet, Ill. 11/15/14
Gary Jackson East Carondelet, Ill. 2/21/15


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