Serious prospects only.  If you saw an event while drunk with your buddies and think you can go toe-to-toe with those “rasslers,” you may need to reconsider.

MMWA Wrestling

Video by Jim Kopriva of Uboon2.

This building is South Broadway’s Gym Annex.  It’s a gritty, dark dungeon of a gym where champions are made.


Trainer Brandon Espinosa has trained wrestlers who have gone on to compete in WWE, Ring of Honor, and Ohio Valley Wrestling.  Espy has been ranked in the PWI 500 multiple times.  To get involved, email Brandon Espinosa:

SICW Wrestling Explosion

The SICW Wrestling School is just down the street from the promotion’s venue, the East Carondelet Community Center.

SICW GymKeith Smith

Trainer Keith Smith is a second-generation wrestler who has been active for decades.  He is joined at the school by Ricky Cruz, Sean Vincent, and “Drill Instructor” Dennis McHawes.  To get involved, contact Keith Smith: (314) 719-7439 or

World League Wrestling

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy is on the edge of the metro area in Troy, Mo. and doubles as WLW’s home venue, the Race Wrestling Arena.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.54.35 PMLeland Race trainer


Trainer Leland Race is a second-generation wrestler who has competed in Japan via WLW’s connection with Pro Wrestling Noah.  Guest trainers (Steamboat, Regal, Kevin Von Erich, and more) drop by during camps.  To get involved, contact the school: (573) 392-4100 or

Dynamo Pro Wrestling

The Dynamo Training Dojo lies within the historic Lemp Brewery.  The space features two rings and an interview backdrop.

DPW TrainingJake Dirden

Trainer Jake Dirden has wrestled regionally, toured Japan with Pro Wrestling Noah, and worked with Ring of Honor.  To get involved, call Jim Yount: (314) 452-8868 or leave a Facebook message.

10 thoughts on “Training”

  1. I will be the next big thing…. and i know how to spell haha. It’s not a spelling bee though, im in it to be the best of the best, to win gold and make it to the top. Espinosa, im gunning for ya buddy.

  2. Wrestling is a Physical and Mental sport. If you don’t have the mental capacity to at least spell correctly or use correct grammar, then you will not learn how to ‘rassle’ correctly. Read the last 2 lines of this post by the site’s coordinator. I am pretty sure you 2 fit into the people who ‘think [they] can go toe-to-toe with [us] “rasslers.”‘ As noted before, ‘you may need to reconsider.’

  3. Reading the responses just wow. It takes great dedication and admires those who can tough it out. I wouldn’t mind to learn just to tough up a bit in life. But, who knws.

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