Donovan Ruddick Unifies the Titles!

We have a new champion.  He’s big and bad; with Travis Cook, he may be unstoppable.

Last night at South Broadway, Dave Vaughn wrestled “The Future” Donovan Ruddick in a rematch from the September 11th debacle (in which the match was ruled a time limit draw).

Vaughn’s MO/IL Heavyweight Championship was on the line against the monstrous champion of the Heritage Wrestling Coalition, “The Future.”

Van Hoogstraat’s Photo Recap

Before the match, MMWA-SICW Executive Director Tony Casta demanded that Ruddick’s manager, Travis Cook, sit in a “special chair” at ringside.  The “special” part was binding Cook to the steel with duct tape — there was no way Travis would interfere in this one.

With a one hour time limit, this contest had the potential to be an instant classic between the determined “Wrestling Machine” Vaughn and the giant Ruddick.

However, Cook passed Ruddick a chain when Donovan was outside the ring.  “Future” nailed Vaughn with a chain-wrapped fist and propelled David across the ring with a colossal crucifix powerbomb.

It was obvious that Vaughn would not be awake for the three-count.

The crowd was shocked as the smug Travis Cook got on the mic and gloated.  His boys, Ruddick and “Thee” Brandon Espinosa (known as The Elitism), are now officially the two most dominant competitors in the Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight divisions respectively.


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