Classic Wrestling Championship This Saturday!

On Saturday at the East Carondelet Community Center, an 8-man single-elimination tournament will determine the first-ever Classic Wrestling Champion (CWC).

The eight most talented grapplers from the region will compete and must come prepared to wrestle and win three battles in one night.  First round matchups will be determined by a blind draw at the beginning of the card.

Let’s take a look at the participants:

Gary Jackson is the Unified MO/IL Heavyweight & TV Champion.  After the 22nd, fans may be referring to the CWC as “Gorgeous Gary’s Third Belt.”  If Jackson wins, will Commissioner Smith make him relinquish one of the titles?

Brandon Espinosa is the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champion, as well as the only man in the tournament under 220 lbs.  Orphaned as the sole member of The Elitism, would Espy give up the search for a group after attaining personal glory?

Waco has not lost in months.  He was perhaps the least accomplished while in Travis Cook’s presumed-defunct stable.  Now that “The Crook” is out, Waco may prove to be an unstoppable brawler.  He is the computer’s #1 contender.

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Danny Boy almost regained his MO/IL title from Dave Vaughn in September.  However, Danny Boy suffered a wrist injury, ending the match.  He’s back after victories against Raze and Static.  He wants to be the inaugural CWC.

Chris Hargas is a top contender.  An all around good guy, “The Icon” qualified by putting away “Canadian Hero” Sean Vincent last month.  Hargas would love to get his hands on Texan or Waco in this tournament.  If he does, can he show restraint and advance?

Ron Powers is a legend.  Granted, when one thinks of “classic” mat skills, Powers is lacking.  However, this powerhouse has “classic” brawling skills.  Each blow from Powers will count.  If matched with The Texan, will he forget about the title at stake?

Dave Vaughn is a technician.  It took a chain-wrapped fist to make “The Wrestling Machine” a former heavyweight champ.  Equipped with the best spear in the midwest, Vaughn’s ground game is perfect for the CWC marquee.

The Big Texan is a destroyer.  He doesn’t care about belts.  He doesn’t care about fines.  If he gets you outside the ring, prepare your head for a crash landing through a wall.  The challenge for Texan is to not get disqualified.  Then again, would he even care?

There will be additional matches outside of the tournament to allow for rest periods between rounds.

Larry Matysik will be doing commentary in post-production for the first Wrestling Explosion on Charter 8 in Illinois.  The matches shot this Saturday will air on Wrestling Explosion.

It starts at 8; you don’t want to be late.


First South Broadway of 2011 Saturday

Don’t forget that wrestling returns January 15.

MO/IL Heavyweight & TV Champion Gary Jackson will be in action.  Also, the scary looking guy pictured above, Jaysin Static will fight Ace Hawkins where the winner will be the #1 contender to Brandon Espinosa and the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship.

While we wait for Saturday, Missouri Wrestling Revival has the photos from the last event of 2010.

12/11 Fallout: CWC on Channel 8

Jackson, Espinosa, Waco, Danny Boy, Hargas, Powers, Texan and Vaughn: these are the eight men who will participate in the Classic Wrestling Championship tournament January 22 at the ECCC.

The date will also be the first TV taping of the new SICW-exclusive show to air on Channel 8 in Illinois (Wild World of Wrestling will continue on 981).  For details, visit the “Television” page.

Seedings will be randomly drawn January 22.  The winner of the single-elimination affair will be the first Classic Wrestling Champion.  To accentuate that “Classic” part, legend Larry Matysik will be commentating!

Many people have been inquiring on Travis Cook’s status after the double-arm DDT he suffered at the hands of Dave Vaughn.  Cook has been laying low since the beating last Saturday.

We’re not sure of his condition now, but we have sent him correspondence and hope to hear from him soon.

Three Matches Signed for This Saturday

The final event of 2010 will also be the biggest.

In a rematch from November 13, MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa will defend against “The Wrestling Machine” Dave Vaughn in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Last month, both men were counted out of the ring.  Look forward to a mat classic this time.

Herb Simmons issued a warning to Espy’s manager, Travis Cook: Interfere and you’ll be sorry!  Cook yelled back, “Oh, I’ll be sorry just like the other dozen times you made that empty threat!”

“The Crook” has a point.  Will Herb Simmons enforce his own warning?

A leather strap match is also on the card between Ron Powers and The Big Texan.  There will be welts, but these big boys are no welterweights.

When Powers and Texan meet, they tear the house down, literally.  Chairs fly, fans scatter and holes are punched in the walls of the East Carondelet Community Center.

New Unified MO/IL Heavyweight & TV Champion “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson has been named the enforcer referee for this brawl.

PWI’s 2009 Wrestler of the Year Mike Sydal will wrestle in MMWA-SICW for the first time as he takes on NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion Mark Sterling.  The title is not expected to be on the line.

You may have seen Sydal recently on Ring of Honor cards.  Sterling also is one-half of the WLW Tag Team Champions.

There is no way you want to miss this one!

New Champions, New Championship

The future is here.  Then again, “The Future” is gone away from here.

Last Saturday, Gary Jackson made good on his word to dethrone “Future” Donovan Ruddick for the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship (earlier that day, Ruddick got screwed out of his HWC title in Rantoul, Illinois).

The veteran Jackson gave it his all; there was to be no screw-job here.  The end came when Ruddick was belly-up on top of the “Gorgeous One” going for a lazy pin.  Suddenly, Gary grabbed Ruddick’s close arm and hooked Ruddick’s far arm with his leg.

He pulled the massive Ruddick over until his shoulders touched the canvas.  Referee Bobby Patton counted three and the crowd erupted like never before.

Chants of “Gary, Gary, Gary” reverberated through South Broadway as Gary hoisted the MO/IL Heavyweight, Battle Royal and brand-new TV Titles on his shoulders.

As he said he would last month, Gary surrendered his Battle Royal belt to Commissioner Keith Smith.  Jackson is still a double champion.

Also on the card, Brandon Espinosa defeated Johnny Courageous… and this time, it was for the junior heavyweight crown.

Never fear, however, because the super Courageous Johnny won the newly vacant Battle Royal title in the main event.

As for Donovan Ruddick, he’s headed to Florida Championship Wrestling.  He took the mic and addressed the crowd in what may be his last match at South Broadway.

“I have done some bad things to people.  I know, I know.  But I just wanted to thank all of you and I don’t know if I’ll see you again.  If you have cable, you’ll be seeing me around.”

South Broadway in HD? Say What!?


Fans have clamored for a prominent online experience from their favorite wrestling promotions for years.  Most feel that MMWA-SICW is just not up to par in the Web realm.

“They’re too old; hell, those South Broadway dinosaurs are stuck in the Middle Ages!,” Joe Schmo complains.

Well, Joe, we agree to an extent.  However, never forget that MMWA-SICW is the only wrestling outfit from here to Kansas City (and further than that out east) to have a real TV show: Wild World of Wrestling.  Even non-fans in St. Louis have tuned to DHTV Channel 981 by accident and seen South Broadway wrestling.

Nevertheless, we hear your gripes.  That’s why this site was made.  It’s also why we will now shoot in high definition.

This Saturday, we will have our first real test run with the camera at the SBAC.  By the new year, MMWA-SICW will have a gameplan for the new YouTube version of Wild World of Wrestling. Don’t worry about the traditional public access show; it will remain on the air.

Our YouTube show will include full matches and interviews from our live events in 1080i HD.  And friends, no promotion from here to Kansas City will do it like this!  See you at the show, Joe Schmo.

Hair Regrowth After It’s Pulled Out

Hair regrowth is not a guarantee
There is no guarantee that hair regrowth will occur. One will know in 6-9 months if they will acheive full regrowth or not because that is how long it takes for hair to grow back following any type of injury.

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Anyone with concerns about incomplete growth after episodes of hair pulling should see a physician who specializes in hair loss for consideration of a scalp biopsy.