Introducing the “Super Six” MMWA Championship Series, Begins Jan. 14

20170114 MMWA

The South Broadway Athletic Club and MMWA Wrestling embark on a unique half-year long journey to crown a new MMWA Champion on Saturday, January 14 at MMWA Launch.

The Super Six MMWA Championship Series is a dual-stage tournament.  It locks the promotion’s six best wrestlers into round robin combat through May.  The contestants are:

  • Brandon Espinosa – (MWR Missouri Champion) qualified by headlining 12/3 card
  • Barackus – def. Gary Jackson on 12/3 to qualify
  • Da’Marius Jones – qualified by headlining 12/3 card
  • Ace Hawkins – def. The Big Texan on 12/3 to qualify
  • J’Mal Swagg – def. Damion Cortess on 12/3 to qualify
  • Moondog Rover – def. B.T. Daramola on 12/3 to qualify
MMWA Super Six schedule
The first stage: the complete schedule of the round robin goes through May 2017.

In the round robin stage, the point system is:

  • 3 Points: Win by pinfall, submission, or stoppage
  • 2 Points: Win by countout or disqualification
  • 1 Point: Draw or No Contest decision
  • A loss nets no points.

Based on the standings of the round robin stage, the six wrestlers will be seeded into a final elimination bracket, to be contested in June 2017.  The winner of the bracket will be the new MMWA Champion.

6 Man bracket example
The second stage: a knockout bracket to crown an MMWA champion in June 2017.

The lineup for January 14 is as follows.

Missouri Heavyweight Championship (in play for Espinosa)
MMWA Championship Series (Round Robin Stage)
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Barackus
J’Mal Swagg vs. Moondog Rover
Da’Marius Jones vs. Ace Hawkins

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship (vacant)
Varik Morgan vs. Deacon Cash

Lumberjack Match
Gary Jackson vs. Brian James

Flaming Freddie Fury vs. A.J. Williams
Garrett Shanks vs. Damion Cortess

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

National Wrasslin’ League Debuts at Casa Loma, Jan. 12

NWL Jack Foster

The long-awaited NWL STL Inaugural Event slams its way into the Casa Loma Ballroom in Benton Park West on Thursday, January 12.

The main event is a six-man tag team match, pitting Saint Louis’s Letterman, Wellston, & Adonis against their Kansas City (NWL KC) rivals Dak Draper & The Royal Blood.

The six-man is a rematch (with Blaine Meeks in Draper’s place) from NWL KC’s offering on Jan. 7.  Kansas City won, but in controversial fashion; the Royal twins both pinned Letterman for the three count.

Main Event
Todd Letterman, Dez Wellston, & Christian Adonis (formerly Kevin Lee Davidson, Mike Outlaw, & Elvis Aliaga) vs. Jet Royal, Jax Royal, & Dak Draper

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.50

2017 is Here! Happy New Year from

Casa Loma Ballroom
NWL STL debuts at the Casa Loma Ballroom on Jan. 12, 2017.

After early December, the local pro wrestling scene gets quiet for a month.  The first big event in the metro area in 2017 is NWL STL’s debut on Thursday, January 12.

The Casa Loma Ballroom debut is set to be an undisputed success.  The big question to this writer is: Will the fans show up for the second event and beyond?  Aficionados look at wrestling at Off Broadway and Pop’s Night Club; two venues that had excellent debut attendance but then petered out.

However, the NWL Corp has a legitimate marketing team behind them.  They aim for not just for wrestling fans, but the general public that is not mat-savvy.  If it works out in the next few years, Saint Louis could have a bonafide wrestling territory again.

Whether it’s professional wrestling, wrasslin’, or any other name, that’s exciting.

Powers and Bruiser Close out the Year in STL, Dec. 10

SICW 12/10/16

Ron Powers and Vic the Bruiser meet for the top prize in SICW on Saturday, December 10 at the East Carondelet Community Center.  The bout promises to be a good, old-fashioned wrestling match.

At least, that’s what promoter Herb Simmons would promise to the squeamish.  This affair will be violent, as both Powers and Vic are known to hurt their opponents, more than simply beating them in matches.

The ninth consecutive defense for Powers tops the final 2016 card for any Greater St. Louis promotion.

Classic Wrestling Championship
Ron Powers (c) vs. Vic the Bruiser

Ken Kasa vs. “Superstar” Steve Fender

Jimmy Hart and Kongo Kong are scheduled to appear.  Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.

All Titles Vacant: South Broadway Reloads, Dec. 3

MMWA Champions leave
Danny Adams, Jason Roberts, Everett Connors, Kevin Lee Davidson, & Matt Kenway pose on their last night at the South Broadway Athletic Club, Nov. 12. Photo: Tim Miller

Most champions dream of leaving at the top of their games.  Retiring as champion: what could be better?  That’s what just happened fourfold at MMWA Wrestling… sort of.

MMWA Heavyweight Champion Kevin Lee Davidson, MMWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Everett Connors, MMWA TV Champion Danny Adams, and MMWA Tag Team Champions Matt Kenway & Jason Roberts have left the company.  The reason is unknown and the parting isn’t amicable.

The MMWA has announced that the TV and tag team titles will be shelved, but the main singles title will be up for grabs in 2017.  The 220 lb. Junior Heavyweight crown will be on the line this Saturday, December 3 at South Broadway.

20161203 MMWA
Also, Brandon Espinosa makes the 15th defense of his inter-promotional State laurels against former MMWA kingpin Da’Marius Jones on the card.  This is Jones’s first shot and you can bet that his 2.0 stablemate A.J. Williams will be watching.  We will need a good referee for this one!

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Da’Marius Jones

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (vacant)
Deacon Cash vs. TBA

Gary Jackson vs. Barackus
Ace Hawkins vs. Jim Hoffarth
Moondog Rover vs. B.T. Daramola
J’Mal Swagg vs. Damion Cortess
Garrett Shanks vs. Jimmy D

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

Night of Goodbyes Makes for a Hell of an Event, Nov. 26

Dynamo Pro 11/26/16

Never before has Dynamo Pro Wrestling hosted an event at The Ready Room quite like this.

On November 26, Ricky Cruz and Jake Dirden meet for the final time.  Cruz will retire this year, and this is his last match in Greater St. Louis.  In the other corner, Dirden has signed an exclusive contract with the mighty startup NWL STL, and will rampage through Dynamo Pro no more.

Mike Outlaw defends the Dynamo Pro Title for the fourth time against Brandon Aarons.  Oh, and did I mention: Brandon Espinosa defends his MWR Missouri strap against “Raw Dog” Matt Kenway too!

20161126 Dynamo Pro

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Matt Kenway

Dynamo Pro Championship
#6Mike Outlaw (c) vs. Brandon Aarons

#1Ricky Cruz vs. #7Jake Dirden

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $10 with a $2 surcharge for minors.