Aarons vs. Aliaga headlines as Dynamo Pro goes Mardi Gras, Feb. 25

Dynamo Pro 2/23/17

Brandon Aarons won the Dynamo Pro title in November at the company’s last event.  He makes his first defense at Dynamo Pro’s return at the Mineral Springs Mall in Alton on February 25.

Plus, Outtkast has quite the task in trying to break Michael Elgin.  The bout is for the promotion’s secondary belt.

Dynamo Pro Championship
Brandon Aarons (c) vs. Elvis Aliaga

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship
Outtkast (c) vs. Michael Elgin

C.J. Shine vs. Jon Webb

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $15.

Blood Brothers are due for first round NWL STL tournament action, Feb. 23

NWL STL 2/23/17

Eleven men remain in the NWL’s St. Louis Championship tournament.  Three first round bracket matches will be decided on Thursday, February 23 at the Casa Loma Ballroom.

The Blood Brothers, Davey Gibson & Mathew Grundy, are undefeated 3-0 in tag team matches in the upstart promotion.  However, the duo will be in singles action as part of the tournament this week.

St. Louis Championship Tournament
Davey Gibson vs. Cornell Douglass
Dez Wellston vs. Adam Ryan
Mathew Grundy vs. Cal Stark

#8Skyler Beckett vs. Christian Adonis

I-70 Series (KC leads 2-1)
Jay Lutz vs. Blaine Meeks

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.50.  Get them for $9 with Ticketfly code NWLSTLLVR.

SICW Classic Championship tournament begins, Feb. 18

SICW 2/18/17

The sixteen man tournament to decide a new SICW Classic Wrestling Champion begins on Saturday, February 18 at the East Carondelet Community Center.  The entire first round takes place; after the 18th, only eight competitors will remain.

The top honor in SICW has been vacant since last month, when promoter Herb Simmons announced that champion Ron Powers had retired, brought upon by the emotional toll of Powers’s father’s death.

Classic Wrestling Championship | Round of 16
Flash Flanagan vs. Johnny Blade
Moondog Rover vs. Curtis Wylde
The Big Texan vs. Chris Hargas
Gary Jackson vs. Waco
Clint Poe vs. Dave Vaughn
Ken Kasa vs. Steve Fender
Marc Houston vs. Bobby D
Sean Vincent vs. Cousin Gator

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.

Ace Hawkins must use speed to avoid Barackus and dangerous clawhold, Feb. 11

20170211 MMWA

Barackus is set to make his first defense of the Missouri State Title on Saturday, February 11 at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  The bout against Ace Hawkins is part of the MMWA Championship Series, an endeavor to crown a heavyweight king.


“We must have a champion!”  That’s the verdict from Jim Harris as it pertains to the newly-renamed MMWA Cruiserweight Championship, contested between rivals Varik Morgan (of Crystal City) and Deacon Cash (of Bellefontaine).

The two will go at it in a “Last Man Standing” match, where the only way to win is to incapacitate the opponent so he can’t make it his feet by the referee’s ten count.  Brutal…and decisive.

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship | Championship Series
CBarackus (3 pts) vs. Ace Hawkins (2 pts)

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship | Last Man Standing Match
Varik Morgan vs. Deacon Cash

Championship Series
CBrandon Espinosa (0 pts) vs. Moondog Rover (0 pts)

Championship Series
J’Mal Swagg (2 pts) vs. Da’Marius Jones (0 pts)

Gary Jackson & TBA vs. Brian James & TBA
A.J. Williams vs. Garrett Shanks

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $9.

Can Blood Brothers Gentrify Douglass & Adonis on Feb. 9?

NWL STL 2/9/17

The Casa Loma Ballroom hosts NWL STL for the third time on Thursday, February 9.  The undefeated Blood Brothers (Gibson & Grundy) take on the ad hoc team of the “Bull City Boss” Cornell Douglass and Filipino sensation Christian Adonis in the main event.

Plus, see more first round matches in the St. Louis title tournament.  Fourteen men remain.

Main Event
Davey Gibson & Mathew Grundy vs. Christian Adonis & Cornell Douglass

St. Louis Championship Tournament
#10Dominick Butler vs. Maverick
Javy Torres vs. Marcellus Gaines
Coco Rumble vs. Emmett DuBois

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.50.

Who Ascends to the WLW Throne? One-Night Tournament Decides, Feb. 4

WLW 2/4/17

World League Wrestling has been without a defending promotional champion for ten months, and they’re not going to take it anymore.  A new heavyweight champ will be decided in a one-night single-elimination tournament at the Race Wrestling Arena on February 4.

It was just earlier this month that Harley Race’s company formally announced the forfeiture of the title by Trevor Murdoch, a former WWE superstar and WLW mainstay.

Also on the card, Jon Webb lays his 220 lb. weight division crown on the line in WLW’s “season opener.”

WLW Heavyweight Championship
Single Elimination Tournament

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
#4Jon Webb (c) vs. TBD

Karim Brigante vs. Rex

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $10.

Familiar Face… Without a Trace: Will Jack Foster Appear, Jan. 26?

Jack Foster is Missing

Jack Foster was one of the National Wrasslin’ League’s first signings.  However, the man formerly known as Jake Dirden has not been present for the League’s debuts in Kansas City or Saint Louis.  Could he appear this week?

The Casa Loma Ballroom hosts NWL STL on Thursday, January 26.  The tournament to crown the St. Louis champion begins that night.  Brackets will be released on Thursday, but we know two of the first round matches already.

St. Louis Championship Tournament
#8Skyler Beckett vs. Todd Letterman
Christian Adonis vs. Jay Lutz

Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch vs. Davey Gibson & Mathew Grundy

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.50.