DPW: Free wrestling at South Broadway AC, Nov. 18


Dynamo Pro 11/18/18

Dynamo Pro has rescheduled its outdoor event from two weeks ago to the South Broadway Athletic Club in Soulard on Sunday, November 18.

This free matinee is presented by 4 Hands Brewing Co. and Strange Donuts. It is the first wrestling event other than Tony Casta’s MMWA to run at the historic venue in 33 years (the MMWA still runs monthly at the Club).

Matches have yet to be announced

Bell at 2. Free admission.


MMWA: Can Ace Hawkins survive a 3-way title defense at South Broadway, Nov. 10?

MMWA 11/10/18

Wrestling is back at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, November 10.

Fresh off his cruiserweight title victory last month, Ace Hawkins has his hands full in a three-way match against the former teammates in the “2.0” stable, A.J. Williams and Da’Marius Jones.

The question must be posed: will Jones and Williams team up to functionally eliminate Hawkins from contention for their own benefits?

MMWA Championship
#4Brian James (c) vs. The Snitch

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
Ace Hawkins (c) vs. Da’Marius Jones vs. A.J. Williams

#10Gary Jackson vs. Barackus
Deacon Cash vs. The Big Texan
Moondog Rover vs. Khayman
Savanna Stone vs. Tootie Lynn Ramsey

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

SICW: Iceman & Math Magician defend inter-promotional tag title in Swansea, Nov. 3

SICW 11/3/18

The Swansea Village Fire Department hosts SICW once again on Saturday, November 3.

The event features the first defense of the Multi-State tag team title, a project shared by SICW, MMWA, New Breed Wrestling, and USA Championship Wrestling.

Multi-State Tag Team Championship
The Iceman & The Math Magician (c) vs. The Big Texan & Waco

Flash Flanagan vs. Christopher Hargas
Sean Vincent vs. Attila Khan
Camron Bra’Nae vs. Lady Pride

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

Karim Brigante is Back! Puts MO Title up at WLW, Oct. 20

WLW 10/20/18

World League Wrestling is back at the Race Arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, October 20.

Missouri heavyweight king Karim Brigante is back from Italy, still champion, and is ready to defend.

Plus, the promotion’s storied heavyweight title will be on the line in a four-way match for the first time ever at the venue. Jon Webb has no Champion’s Advantage in this no-holds-barred environment.

Plus, the Missouri heavyweight champion Karim Brigante defends his title for the first time since May.

20181020 World League

Title History & Regulations

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CKarim Brigante vs. Jayden Dominic Rose

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Jack Gamble vs. Jaden Roller vs. Austin Cravens

#10Da’Marius Jones vs. Brandon Espinosa
Camron Bra’Nae vs. Miss Monica

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

SICW: Travis Cook to take a beating from Flash, if Fender fails on Oct. 20

SICW 10/20/18

Much rides on the result of the main event at the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, October 20.

The top prize in SICW, the Classic title, will be defended by Flash Flanagan against “Superstar” Steve Fender. If Flanagan wins, he earns a match against Fender’s manager Travis Cook (presumably to take place after the title bout).

Classic Wrestling Championship | No Holds Barred match
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Steve Fender

Gary Jackson & Sean Vincent vs. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

Ace Hawkins and Gary Jackson aim to reclaim title glory, Oct. 13


The South Broadway Athletic Club hosts a night of championship wrestling, as former champs now challenge to regain the crowns they used to hold, on Saturday, October 13.

Gary Jackson is the consensus greatest heavyweight pro to ever compete at the SBAC. He hasn’t been champion since 2016. Brian James has been champion since April. The two, who have been rivals for years, will meet each other in the main event.

Ace Hawkins was last the cruiserweight king in 2014. He was supposed to challenge for the title last month, but champion Da’Marius Jones excused himself from the encounter. Under threat of being stripped of the title, “2.0” must defend against Hawkins this weekend.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
#6Brian James (c) vs. Gary Jackson

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
#10Da’Marius Jones (c) vs. Ace Hawkins

Tootie Lynn Ramsey vs. Bra’Nae
Johnny Park vs. TBA

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

WLW: Jack Gamble earned his shot at gold, now he takes it against friend Jon Webb, Oct. 6

WLW 10/6/18

World League Wrestling is at the Race Arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, October 6.

The original three WLW titles are at stake, including a rare tag team title defense by the dysfunctional duo of Espinosa and Fender.

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Jack Gamble

WLW Tag Team Championship
Steve Fender & Brandon Espinosa (c) vs. #9Kyle Roberts & Rex

WLW Ladies Championship
Stacey O’Brien (c) vs. Bra’Nae

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

There must be a winner: Flanagan vs. Kowalski in the Firehouse, Sept. 29

SICW 9/29/18

The Swansea Firehouse has a big match coming its way from SICW on Saturday, September 29. The main event is for the Classic title and there must be a winner.

The bout is unusual, as the champion called out the challenger. Flash Flanagan issued the call after losing via countout to the “Monster” Kowalski earlier this month. No countouts and no disqualifications: this war is certainly worthy of headlining.

Classic Wrestling Championship | No Holds Barred match
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Kowalski

Battle Royal
17 Men compete in over-the-top elimination match

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.