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Grandel Wrestling Announces First Event, April 30

Grandel Wrestling, the venture started by concert promoter Joey O’Farrell in 2019, presents its first live professional wrestling event “STL vs. The World” on April 30 at The Grandel in Midtown.

The brand aims to present tentpole events, with events only every six to 12 months.

Grandel Wrestling welcomed “Cowboy” Bob Orton into the fold to perform the narration for its cinematic professional video teaser (above). Wrestlers, trainers, and students from Team Ambition are featured in the piece.

Main Event
Samuray Del Sol vs. Davey Richards

Gateway Heritage Championship | Ladder Match
Gary Jay (c) vs. Aaron Williams

Mike Outlaw vs. Alex Shelley
Moose vs. Kevin Lee Davidson
Camaro Jackson vs. Josh Alexander
Tenille Dashwood vs. Tootie Lynn
Silas Young vs. Dan the Dad
Moses & Rahim De La Suede vs. Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs

Bell at 6. All tickets are $25 and are on sale now. Seats in the first two rows may have limited views.

Since the beginning of 2021, Grandel Wrestling has been a podcast brand featuring Ben Simon interviewing the top independent pro wrestlers in the game. On April 30, its pre-pandemic purpose as a live event company will be realized.

WLW Summer Kickoff: Big night for the 205-ers, June 5

World League Wrestling’s “Summer Kickoff” is at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, June 5.

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Jayden Dominic Rose (c) vs. Rahim De La Suede vs. Sean Patrick

#2Kyle Roberts vs. Jon Webb
Moses vs. Camaro Jackson
Colton Theron Vaught vs. Brandon Espinosa
Stephan Newton vs. TBD

Bell at 7. Tickets are $15.

WrestleMax STL: KLD vs. Walker and anything goes, May 30

WrestleMax STL presents “Episode III” at Red Flag in Saint Louis, Mo. on Sunday, May 30.

Mike Outlaw will officially be crowned the first River City Champion at the event, from his victory at the David Lee Memorial Tournament last month.

No Disqualification Match
Xavier Walker vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

Three-Way Elimination
Calvin Tankman vs. Edvin Kudic vs. Levi Everett

Jake Something vs. Big Beef
Rohit Raju vs. JDX
Camaro Jackson vs. Jah-C
Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett vs. Chris Hendrix & A.T.M.
Laynie Luck vs. Brooke Valentine
Blair Onyx vs. Joseline Navarro

Bell at 5. Tickets are $25.

Glory Pro: Gray vs. Something is on, May 22!

Glory Pro Wrestling has a hell of a card at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, May 22.

The main event will have longtime champ AJ Gray defend the top prize of Glory Pro against brash Jake Something. The two were scheduled to meet last month, but Gray was injured.

Crown of Glory Championship
AJ Gray (c) vs. Jake Something

Impact X Division Championship | Crown of Glory Contendership
#1Mike Outlaw vs. Josh Alexander

Midwest Territory Championship | Four-Way Match
Hakim Zane (c) vs. Myron Reed vs. Jake Lander vs. Kody Lane

Paco vs. Lee Moriarty
Dan the Dad vs. Arik Cannon
Allie Katch vs. Blair Onyx

Bell at 7. Tickets are $20.

MMWA: Tony Casta Memorial Rumble, May 8

A roster-wide Royal Rumble in honor of the late promoter Tony Casta is part of the MMWA’s next offering. Also, the MMWA title will be decided that night at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, May 8.

MMWA Championship (Vacant)
Moondog Rover vs. The Big Texan

Tony Casta Memorial Royal Rumble

Brian James vs. Rick Ruby
Gary Jackson vs. Garrett Shanks
Damion Cortess vs. Keith Smith Jr.
Purple Passion vs. Flaming Freddie Fury
Ricky Cruz & D’Mon G vs. Damian Blade & Kahyman

Bell at 7. Tickets are $10. It is unknown if the event will stream.

All WLW Titles are at stake at “Gold Rush,” May 1

Every World League Wrestling championship is at stake at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, May 1.

“The Heart Throb” Jaden won the 15-man rumble match last month and will take his earned shot against Moses and the heavyweight title.

“The Empire” will be allowed to defend the WLW tag title using the “Freebird Rule.” Derek Stone will substitute for Camaro Jackson.

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#1Moses (c) vs. Jaden

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Jayden Dominic Rose (c) vs. Sean Patrick

WLW Tag Team Championship
#2Derek Stone (substituting for Camaro Jackson) & Jon Webb (c) vs. #4Kyle Roberts & Colton Theron Vaught

Brandon Espinosa vs. Chris Hendrix
Stephan Newton vs. Sabotage

Bell at 7. Tickets are $15 at the door. The event will stream live for $8.

Glory Pro Battles at South Broadway, April 17

They said it couldn’t be done.

Glory Pro Wrestling will begin a residency at the South Broadway Athletic Club in Saint Louis on Saturday, April 17. The company, founded in 2017, will be the venue’s second resident wrestling tenant.

Glory Pro originally announced a stellar main event for their Crown of Glory Championship between champion AJ Gray and Jake Something.

Unfortunately, Gray has a knee injury and is out. He retains the title, while Something is promised a new opponent.

Main Event
Jake Something vs. TBD

Four-Way Match
Kody Lane vs. Ethan Price vs. Jake Lander vs. Manders

Mike Outlaw vs. Mat Fitchett
Everett Connors vs. Dan the Dad
Warhorse vs. Arik Cannon
Myron Reed vs. Karam
Devon Monroe vs. Paco
Allie Kat vs. Hyan

Bell at 7. Tickets are $20. The event will be taped and uploaded to Highspots.

MMWA: South Broadway wrestling is back, April 10

After 13 months of inactivity and the death of beloved promoter Tony Casta last May, the South Broadway Athletic Club’s original wrestling company returns home on Saturday, April 10.

In a rare circumstance for the MMWA, promoter “Little Tony” Anthony Castaldi (the late Mr. Casta’s nephew) has released the full card.

MMWA Championship
Frankie D (c) vs. Moondog Rover

Ricky Cruz vs. Garrett Shanks
Brian James vs. Damian Blade
Gary Jackson vs. The Big Texan
Kahyman vs. Keith Smith Jr.
Damion Cortess vs. Jimmy D
Rick Ruby vs. Purple Passion

Bell at 7. Tickets are sold out. The event is not expected to stream.

WrestleMax STL tournament to crown first River City Champion, April 3

WrestleMax STL presents its next event “Episode II: The David Lee Memorial Tournament” at Red Flag in Saint Louis on Saturday, April 3.

The winner of the second annual tournament will be crowned the first River City Champion, the major title of WrestleMax STL.

The quarterfinal pairings are below, and the semifinals and final match will happen all on April 3 as well.

WrestleMax STL River City Championship Tournament
Jake Something vs. Calvin Tankman
Xavier Walker vs. Mike Outlaw
Anthony Gutierrez vs. Mat Fitchett
JDX vs. Jah-C

Gauntlet Match
Devon Monroe vs. Everett Connors vs. Camaro Jackson vs. Edvin Kudic vs. Chris Hendrix vs. TBA

Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Moonshine Mantell
Blair Onyx vs. Brooke Valentine

Bell at 5. Tickets are $25. The event will be recorded, but will not broadcast or stream live.