Dynamo Pro 11/21/15

Knights of Columbus @ Wood River, Ill.

Mike Outlaw pinned Curt Stallion with a diving elbow drop – 12:49

Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby def. Rocket Mapache & Jackal; McDarby pinned Mapache after Santel hit Mapache with a shillelagh – 12:10

Kevin Lee Davidson pinned Bahamut with a spinebuster – 6:41

Jayson Khaos def. Prince Moses by rear naked choke submission – 8:43

Brandon Espinosa def. Billy McNeil by cross armbar submission – 10:25

Sean Orleans pinned Garrett Shanks with a curb stomp – 8:25

Justin D’Air pinned C.J. Shine with a cutter from the top rope – 9:20

(reverse order)

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