MMWA 8/24/18

American Legion (Lemay) @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Gary Jackson def. Mauler McDarby, Shawn Santel, The Big Texan, Waco, Playboy Double H, Mark Morgan, Curtis Wylde, Rick Ruby, and Sean Vincent in a battle royal – 7:17

MMWA Championship: Brian James (c) pinned Khayman with a reverse suplex slam from the second turnbuckle – 12:41

The Big Texan pinned Shawn Santel with a chokeslam – 6:57

Moondog Rover pinned Rick Ruby after hitting Ruby with his bone when the referee was distracted – 10:36

Curtis Wylde pinned Sean Vincent with a reverse STO – 10:39

Playboy Double H pinned Mark Morgan – 9:27

Mauler McDarby def. Waco by countout; Santel interfered – 7:43

(reverse order)

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