Glory Pro 11/7/21

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Crown of Glory Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) pinned Myron Reed with a diving elbow drop – 12:23

Midwest Territory Championship: Tootie Lynn def. Rohit Raju (c), Dan the Dad, and Ethan Price in a four-way to win the title; Dan was pinned with a sunset flip powerbomb – 8:33

Allie Katch def. Brooke Valentine by Fujiwara armbar submission – 13:11

United Glory Tag Team Championship: Rahim De La Suede & Moses (c) def. ATM & Eli Rossi and Chris Castro & Paco in a three-way tables, ladders, and chairs match; Rahim captured the belts – 16:33

Josh Alexander pinned Davey Vega with a double underhook piledriver – 17:08

Xavier Walker & Karam def. Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham; Walker pinned Coleman from a Karam spinebuster – 11:19

Warhorse def. Ariya Daivari by sharpshooter submission – 16:31

Fred Yehi pinned Camaro Jackson with a fisherman suplex – 12:12

Kody Lane pinned Alex Zayne with a piledriver – 9:14

Edvin Kudic pinned Sean Logan (also known as Sabotage) with a cutter – 5:40

(reverse order)

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