Anarchy 9/24/21

Elks Lodge @ Granite City, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Jeremy Wyatt (c) pinned Daniel Makabe with a piledriver in a Pure Rules Match – 22:51

Davey Richards def. Everett Connors by grapevine ankle lock technical submission – 9:48

Calvin Tankman pinned Kevin Lee Davidson with a vertical suplex piledriver – 10:54

Mat Fitchett pinned Warhorse with a brainbuster – 15:52

Jake Dirden, Moonshine Mantell, & Angelus Layne def. Christian Rose, Big Beef (formerly Beef The Freak), & BSTRD Cassidy; Dirden pinned Rose with a spear – 11:03

Gary Jay pinned Rickey Shane Page with a forearm smash – 16:46

Aaron Williams def. Davey Vega by STF submission – 8:45

Derek Neal pinned Thomas Shire with a fisherman buster – 9:38

Camaro Jackson & Campbell Myers def. Evan Gelistico & Billie Starkz; Camaro pinned Billie with a lariat – 10:30

Kenny Alfonso pinned Craig Mitchell with a shiranui – 9:05

Nick King def. Jay Marston, Victor Analog, and Sean Orleans in a four-way; Orleans tapped out to the Sharpshooter – 5:25

12 Gaige & Damien Deschain def. Connor Hopkins & Brooks Berna; Deschain pinned Berna after he and Gaige hit a flying knee strike/spear combo – 8:25

(reverse order)

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