Anarchy 11/19/22

SJMBC – Celebration 2 Center @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Derek Neal (c) pinned Gary Jay with a fisherman buster

Adrian Surge pinned Austin Blackburn with a fisherman buster

Anthony Henry pinned Anakin Murphy with a sit-out side powerslam

Davey Vega pinned Victor Analog with a brainbuster onto Vega’s knee

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Aaron Williams with a piledriver

Thomas Shire pinned Craig Mitchell with a powerbomb

Mad Dog Connelly def. Luke Langley by gutwrench elevated neckbreaker submission

Christian Rose def. KC Karrington by elevated Boston crab submission

Nick King & Evan Gelistico def. Billy McNeil & Rahim De La Suede; King won the fall over McNeil by sleeper hold submission

Camaro Jackson pinned Sean Orleans with a lariat in an impromptu match

Devin & Steven O’Neal def. Jaques Kennedy & Justin Poole; Steven pinned Poole after he and Devin hit a back suplex/chokeslam combo – 2:56

(reverse order)

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