SICW 10/11/14

Swansea Village Fire Department @ Swansea, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Heath Hatton (c) pinned Bull Bronson – 5:34

Big Jim Hoffarth pinned Waco – 8:05

Red River Jack def. Daniel Gunner & Bubba Troll in a handicap match; Gunner is pinned – 6:37

Farmer Billy Hills pinned Purple Passion – 4:22

Flash Flanagan & Ken Kasa def. Daniel Eads & Shiloh Jonze; Flanagan pinned Jonze – 12:35

Mohamad Ali Vaez def. Robbie Walker by submission – 7:21

Bobby D pinned Jade Dawson – 4:50

Gary Jackson def. Ricky Cruz by disqualification – 8:30

(reverse order)

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