SICW 6/29/19

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center @ Belleville, Ill.

Attila Khan pinned Tommy Dreamer in a No Disqualification match with a spear through a table – 14:26

Gary Jackson & Gil Rogers def. Curtis Wylde & Kowalski; Rogers pinned Kowalski with a diving crossbody – 10:12

Mecha Mercenary pinned Nick King with a spinning side slam – 5:55

Tony Atlas & Bob Orton def. The Big Texan & Frankie D by disqualification; Christopher Love (latter team’s manager) tripped Orton – 12:01

Malia Hosaka pinned Thunderkitty LaFleur with a jackknife cradle – 9:08

Val Venis pinned Beastman with a schoolboy after Beastman ran into the turnbuckles – 7:30

Sean Vincent & Khayman def. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby; Khayman pinned Santel with a swanton bomb – 7:44

Billy McNeil pinned Jake Prater with a diving elbow drop – 7:15

Grims Toy Show Championship: Onslaught pinned Tony Chini (c) with an Emerald Flowsion to win the title – 9:09

(reverse order)

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