Dynamo Pro 4/2/16

Stratford Bar & Grill @ Fenton, Mo.

Dynamo Pro & MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championships: Ricky Cruz (MWR c) def. Jake Dirden (DPW c) by disqualification; Brandon Espinosa pulled the referee out during a Cruz pin attempt – 13:36

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Outtkast (c) pinned Kevin Lee Davidson – 9:24

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby def. Jon Webb & Jack Gamble (c) to win the title; McDarby pinned Webb after hitting him with brass knuckles – 8:48

Mike Outlaw pinned Brandon Aarons with a kick to the head – 9:24

Jackal pinned C.J. Shine with a frog splash – 5:55

Rocket Mapache def. Ozzie Gallagher by crossface chickenwing submission – 6:28

Brandon Espinosa, Elvis Aliaga, & Da’Marius Jones def. Keon Option, Justin D’Air, & Danny Adams; Espinosa pinned D’Air with a brainbuster – 15:26

Shorty Biggs pinned Evan Morris – 9:59

(reverse order)

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