MMWA 2/9/19

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Championship: Brian James (c) pinned A.J. Williams with a back body drop – 10:40

Moondog Rover def. Gary Jackson by disqualification to become mandatory heavyweight challenger; McDarby attacked Rover (but not on behalf of Jackson) – 5:44

Multi-State Tag Team Championship: The Iceman & The Math Magician (c) vs. The Big Texan & Waco was a countout draw – 8:40

Khayman def. Shaft in a loser leaves town/casket match; Shaft was shut in the casket after a front facelock cutter – 15:05

Mauler McDarby pinned Mark Morgan with a prawn hold with feet on the ropes – 6:48

Da’Marius Jones pinned Jaden Roller with the leaping reverse STO – 8:41

Ricky Cruz & Sean Vincent def. Curtis Wylde & Barackus; Vincent pinned Wylde with a schoolboy – 13:06

Garrett Shanks def. Damion Cortess by disqualification; Cortess hit Shanks with Deacon Cash’s stolen pendant – 5:08

(reverse order)

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