MMWA 4/8/17

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship: Varik Morgan pinned Deacon Cash (c) with a Go 2 Sleep to win the title – 12:36

A.J. Williams pinned B.T. Daramola with a superkick in an impromptu match – 0:55

Brandon Espinosa pinned J’Mal Swagg with a crucifix powerbomb to earn 3 points in the Championship Series; Espinosa has 7 points total, Swagg has 5 points total – 9:52

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Ace Hawkins (c) def. Moondog Rover by countout in a No Holds Barred match to earn 2 points in the Championship Series; Hawkins has 7 points total, Rover has 0 points total – 11:30

Gary Jackson pinned A.J. Williams with a schoolboy – 8:04

Da’Marius Jones pinned Barackus with a leaping reverse STO to earn 3 points in the Championship Series; Jones has 7 points total, Barackus has 6 points total – 7:53

Varik Morgan pinned Brian James with a small package – 8:02

(reverse order)

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