Grandel 3/18/23

The Grandel @ Saint Louis, Mo. (Attendance: 326)

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede; Sabin pinned Moses after he and Shelley hit a double Michinoku Driver – 17:46

Mike Outlaw pinned Chris Hendrix with a stunner – 10:30

Davey Vega, Warhorse, & Benjamin Trust def. Tom Lawlor, Royce Isaacs, & Jorel Nelson; Vega pinned Lawlor with a diving stomp – 13:52

Tootie Lynn pinned Missa Kate with a victory roll – 12:27

Crown of Glory Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned Dak Draper with a lariat – 15:12

Kenny Alfonso def. Kody Lane, Ethan Price, The Kenway, Xavier Walker, and ATM in a ladder match; per stipulation, Alfonso can redeem a contract for a Crown of Glory title shot at any time for the next year – 14:53

Nick Aldis def. Thomas Shire by Texas cloverleaf submission – 8:32

Gary Jay pinned Jake Something with a running elbow smash – 10:49

Kevin Lee Davidson pinned Adrian Surge with a swinging side slam – 4:15

NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship (“CMLL”): Rocky Romero (c) pinned Dan the Dad with a prawn hold with feet on the ropes – 14:48

Kenway def. Myron De’Monne, Tony Esteem, Jacob Williams, Frodo The Ghost, Jake Lander, The Kenway, Jesse Jay, Edvin, Dave Turner, Anakin Murphy (initial group), Kendall Beck, Kemon, Justin Poole, Marcus Muncherson (second group), Jabari King, Big Daddy Dion, Danny Stratos, Devin O’Neal, Steven O’Neal, Barackus, Campbell Myers, S.K. Bishop, & I.P. Mason (final group) in a Royal Rumble where ten wrestlers start, and more groups of wrestlers join every five minutes thereafter (Murphy was last eliminated); per stipulation, Kenway was entered into the ladder match – 22:34

Heather Reckless pinned Aminah Belmont with a moonsault – 5:24

(reverse order)

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