NWL Championship (Defunct)

NWL Kansas City Championship

The National Wrasslin’ League’s top prize was the most-defended promotional title in Missouri in 2017.  It debuted in Saint Louis on September 29, 2017 after the company’s KC and STL brands had been consolidated.

From January 21 thru April 1, 2017, a 16-man knockout tournament at the Kansas City Scottish Rite determined the first champion.

Originally known as the NWL Kansas City Championship, the title was renamed on December 8, 2017 after it had simply become the company’s most prestigious title.

Dak Draper Kansas City, Mo. 4/1/17 def. Blaine Meeks in tournament final
Jeremy Wyatt Shawnee Mission, Kan. 12/8/17 30-man Royal Rumble
DEACTIVATED 4/12/18 Promotion closes

Note: Warhorse def. Wyatt on 9/14/18 at the NWL’s successor Saint Louis Anarchy in Alton, Ill.