WLW 5/14/22

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Steve Fender def. (entry order) Jaden, Rahim De La Suede, Karim Brigante, Brandon Espinosa, Moses, Tom Coffey, Jack Parker Jr., Derek Stone, Kyle Roberts, Camaro Jackson, Austin Mulitalo, Luke Anthony, Kenny Alfonso in a “Rival Riot” Royal Rumble match; Fender was the penultimate entrant, Leland Race did not enter as scheduled due to injury

Moses vs. Karim Brigante was a time limit draw (the winner was to have received the final entry in the Rumble main event) – 15:00

Brandon Espinosa & Tom Coffey def. Kyle Roberts & Luke Anthony in an impromptu match

Luke Anthony def. Brandon Espinosa by disqualification; Tom Coffey attacked Anthony

Kenny Alfonso pinned Steve Fender with a cradle

(reverse order)

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