Dynamo Pro 5/5/18

Cherokee St & Iowa Ave @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Makaze (c) pinned Jackal with a big boot – 8:33

Adrian Surge pinned Viktor von Stein with a chokeslam – 11:58

Tony Esteem pinned Ricky Rodriguez with a headlock driver – 5:19

Rahne Victoria def. Tootie Lynn Ramsey and Savanna Stone in a three-way; Rahne hit Savanna with a spinebuster, then powerbombed Tootie onto Savanna before pinning both – 7:06

Jackal def. Adrian Surge, William Meyers, Rahne Victoria, Tootie Lynn Ramsey, Savanna Stone, Camaro Jackson, Jimmi LaFleur, Orion Creed, Tony Esteem, Viktor von Stein, Mynakin, and Outtkast in a battle royal to earn a title shot in the main event; Esteem is last eliminated – 9:35

Roy Lewis pinned Ricky Rodriguez by rolling through a diving crossbody and holding the tights – 8:56

Outtkast pinned Jimmi LaFleur with a fireman’s carry bulldog – 8:07

Camaro Jackson pinned Orion Creed with a Samoan driver – 8:14

(reverse order)

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