Glory Pro 3/1/20

Knights of Columbus @ Collinsville, Ill.

Crown of Glory Championship: AJ Gray (c) pinned Chris Dickinson with a lariat – 15:39

Midwest Territory Championship: Kody Lane def. Hakim Zane (c) by disqualification; Karam interfered on behalf of Zane – 11:20

Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett def. Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike; Fitchett pinned Retton after he and Vega hit a brainbuster to the knee/flying knee strike combo – 11:42

Jake Something def. Barackus, Clayton Gainz, and Manders in a four-way; Manders is pinned with a spinning side slam – 11:02

Mike Outlaw def. Suge D and Paco in a three-way; Paco is pinned with a diving elbow drop – 10:08

Kevin Lee Davidson pinned Nick Gage in a falls count anywhere match with a half nelson driver – 16:53

Hyan pinned Seishin with a Hook and Ladder – 7:04

United Glory Tag Team Championship: Idris Abraham & Joe Coleman (c) def. Logan & Sterling Riegel, Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso, and Matt Knicks & Chris Castro in a four-way; Abraham pinned Knicks from a Jackson swinging side slam – 6:09

Jake Lander pinned Ethan Price with a cross-legged fisherman buster – 9:03

Dan the Dad & Allie Kat def. Danhausen & Elayna Black in an intergender match; Allie pinned Elayna with a piledriver – 10:10

Kylie Rae pinned Blair Onyx with a superkick – 8:40

Storm Grayson pinned Davey Bang with a step-up knee strike – 4:50

(reverse order)

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