SICW 11/14/21

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Bobby D pinned Rick Ruby with a sunset flip – 7:55

Gary Jackson pinned Mauler McDarby with a backslide – 4:21

Gil Rogers pinned Payton Ayers with a knee lift – 1:44

Flash Flanagan def. Ken Kasa by disqualification; Travis Cook interfered – 1:51

Mauler McDarby pinned The Big Texan after hitting him with a chain behind the referee’s back, getting the pin with feet on the ropes – 5:21

Danny Dollar & Bobby D def. Rick Ruby & Richard Shaw by disqualification; Kowalski interfered – 4:41

Kowalski def. David Lee Walker & Payton Ayers in a handicap match; Walker is pinned with a corner slingshot splash – 4:28

Franco Varga pinned Billy McNeil with a spinning uranagi – 2:15

Gil Rogers def. Ken Kasa by disqualification; Attila Khan attacked Rogers – 4:56

Gary Jackson def. Waco by Texan cloverleaf submission – 2:25

Danny Dollar pinned Richard Shaw with a cutter – 1:26

(reverse order)

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