MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

The Junior Heavyweight Championship is exclusively for wrestlers 205 lbs and under.

This title was formerly known as the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship and the MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (with a 220 lb limit). It was renamed the Cruiserweight Championship in 2017 for 205ers before returning to its former name in 2022.

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Tony CastaAffton, Mo.May-85
Roy ReedAffton, Mo.Oct-85
El LoboSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-86
Tony CastaJennings, Mo.Apr-86
The ExecutionerAffton, Mo.Jan-87
Jeff WhiteAffton, Mo.Apr-87
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Oct-87
Freedom RiderCahokia, Ill.May-88
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-88
Freedom RiderBunker, Mo.Dec-88
Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-89
The ExecutionerSaint Louis, Mo.Jul-89
Chaz WessonSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-90
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Aug-90
Tony CastaFarmington, Mo.Oct-90
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-91
Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-91
Freedom RiderJennings, Mo.Sep-91
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Dec-91
Jim LordSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-92
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-92
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-92
VACANTJun-92Casta retired
John BlackheartSaint Clair, Mo.Aug-92
Jim LordSaint Louis, Mo.Nov-92
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.May-93
Danny Boy HawkinsSep-93
Chaz WessonApr-94
Pete MaddenAug-94
Keith SmithApr-96
Chris Knight
Ace StrangeDec-98
Phil E. BluntDec-99
Billy DiamondMar-00
Jeremy LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.2/17/01
Kid CurrySaint Louis, Mo.12/8/01
Jeremy LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.2/16/02
Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.4/20/02
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.1/18/03
Steven KennedySaint Louis, Mo.10/4/03
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.11/8/03
Steven KennedySaint Louis, Mo.2/28/04
Johnny Courageous2005
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.1/15/05
ShaftSaint Louis, Mo.2/12/05
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.4/16/05strap match
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.2/4/06
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.8/12/06
KhaymanSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/06
Tommy Knight7/7/07awarded. Khayman injured
A.J. WilliamsEast Carondelet, Ill.9/15/07
KhaymanEast Carondelet, Ill.2/16/08
VACANTKhayman injured
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.5/10/08def. Tommy Riggs
Dave VaughnSaint Louis, Mo.2/14/09
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.8/8/09
VACANTWilliams injured
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.5/8/10def. Isick Manson
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.12/4/10
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/11
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.12/3/11
Max ArcherSaint Louis, Mo.4/14/12
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.12/8/12
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.6/8/13
VACANT8/10/13Williams wins TV Title; must relinquish Jr. Title
Andrew WilderSaint Louis, Mo.8/10/13def. J’Mal Swagg
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.2/8/14no disqualification match
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.8/9/14
Sean OrleansSaint Louis, Mo.3/14/15Title contract redeemed while Connors was knocked out
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.5/2/152-1 in a best-of-3
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.7/7/15stripped by Jim Harris after an illegal defense vs. Orleans at SBAC gym
J’Mal SwaggSaint Louis, Mo.7/11/15def. LaMarcus Clinton, Tommy Dallas, and Denzell Vance in four-way
Brandon AaronsSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/16four-way w/ Tyler Copeland and Varik Morgan
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.8/13/16
VACANT11/25/16Connors leaves the promotion; limit changed to 205 lbs
Deacon CashSaint Louis, Mo.2/11/17Last Man Standing match vs. Morgan
Varik MorganSaint Louis, Mo.4/8/17
VACANT5/11/17Morgan is injured
Deacon CashSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/17def. Johnny Park
Da’Marius JonesSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/17No Holds Barred match
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.10/13/18
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.11/10/18Hawkins is pinned by both Jones and Williams in a three-way; title held up and temporarily retired
Frodo The GhostSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/22def. Ace Hawkins in tournament final
Tommy DavisSaint Louis, Mo.6/11/22
Johnathon ZuluSaint Louis, Mo.11/12/22three-way w/ Andrew Wilder
Andrew WilderSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/23

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, Gary Weiss, David Creahin

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