MMWA Cruiserweight Championship (Defunct)

The Cruiserweight Championship is exclusively for wrestlers 205 lbs and under.

This title was formerly known as the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship and the MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (with a 220 lb limit).

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Tony CastaAffton, Mo.May-85
Roy ReedAffton, Mo.Oct-85
El LoboSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-86
Tony CastaJennings, Mo.Apr-86
The ExecutionerAffton, Mo.Jan-87
Jeff WhiteAffton, Mo.Apr-87
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Oct-87
Freedom RiderCahokia, Ill.May-88
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-88
Freedom RiderBunker, Mo.Dec-88
Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-89
The ExecutionerSaint Louis, Mo.Jul-89
Chaz WessonSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-90
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Aug-90
Tony CastaFarmington, Mo.Oct-90
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-91
Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-91
Freedom RiderJennings, Mo.Sep-91
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Dec-91
Jim LordSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-92
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-92
Tony CastaSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-92
VACANTJun-92Casta retired
John BlackheartSaint Clair, Mo.Aug-92
Jim LordSaint Louis, Mo.Nov-92
John BlackheartSaint Louis, Mo.May-93
Danny Boy HawkinsSep-93
Chaz WessonApr-94
Pete MaddenAug-94
Keith SmithApr-96
Chris Knight
Ace StrangeDec-98
Phil E. BluntDec-99
Billy DiamondMar-00
Jeremy LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.2/17/01
Kid CurrySaint Louis, Mo.12/8/01
Jeremy LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.2/16/02
Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.4/20/02
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.1/18/03
Steven KennedySaint Louis, Mo.10/4/03
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.11/8/03
Steven KennedySaint Louis, Mo.2/28/04
Johnny Courageous2005
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.1/15/05
ShaftSaint Louis, Mo.2/12/05
Young AladdinSaint Louis, Mo.4/16/05strap match
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.2/4/06
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.8/12/06
KhaymanSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/06
Tommy Knight7/7/07awarded. Khayman injured
A.J. WilliamsEast Carondelet, Ill.9/15/07
KhaymanEast Carondelet, Ill.2/16/08
VACANTKhayman injured
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.5/10/08def. Tommy Riggs
Dave VaughnSaint Louis, Mo.2/14/09
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.8/8/09
VACANTWilliams injured
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.5/8/10def. Isick Manson
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.12/4/10
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/11
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.12/3/11
Max ArcherSaint Louis, Mo.4/14/12
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.12/8/12
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.6/8/13
VACANT8/10/13Williams wins TV Title; must relinquish Jr. Title
Andrew WilderSaint Louis, Mo.8/10/13def. J’Mal Swagg
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.2/8/14no disqualification match
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.8/9/14
Sean OrleansSaint Louis, Mo.3/14/15Title contract redeemed while Connors was knocked out
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.5/2/152-1 in a best-of-3
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.7/7/15stripped by Jim Harris after an illegal defense vs. Orleans at SBAC gym
J’Mal SwaggSaint Louis, Mo.7/11/15def. LaMarcus Clinton, Tommy Dallas, and Denzell Vance in four-way
Brandon AaronsSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/16four-way w/ Tyler Copeland and Varik Morgan
Everett ConnorsSaint Louis, Mo.8/13/16
VACANT11/25/16Connors leaves the promotion; limit changed to 205 lbs
Deacon CashSaint Louis, Mo.2/11/17Last Man Standing match vs. Morgan
Varik MorganSaint Louis, Mo.4/8/17
VACANT5/11/17Morgan is injured
Deacon CashSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/17def. Johnny Park
Da’Marius JonesSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/17No Holds Barred match
Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.10/13/18
DEACTIVATEDSaint Louis, Mo.11/10/18Hawkins is pinned by both Jones and Williams in a three-way; title held up and subsequently retired

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, Gary Weiss, David Creahin

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