MMWA 9/14/19

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Curtis Wylde def. Moondog Rover, Brian James, Frankie D, Keith Smith Jr., The Big Texan, Bobby D, J’Mal Swagg, Gary Jackson, and Keith Smith in a battle royal to become top heavyweight contender; Jackson is last eliminated – 4:57

Keith Smith & Keith Smith Jr. vs. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby was a countout draw when all four men brawled in the ring – 7:49

Gary Jackson & Mark Morgan def. Damion Cortess & Purple Passion; Jackson pinned Passion with a crucifix – 10:16

MMWA Championship: Khayman def. Ricky Cruz (c) and Curtis Wylde in a three-way to win the title (the title could be won by countout); Cruz and Wylde are both counted out – 7:36

Moondog Rover vs. Brian James was a no contest; both men brawled on the floor – 7:04

Barackus def. J’Mal Swagg & Garrett Shanks in a handicap match; Shanks is pinned with a chokebomb – 5:47

Frankie D & Sid Holland def. The Big Texan & Waco; Frankie D pinned Waco with a cobra clutch legsweep – 10:20

(reverse order)


St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions tonight: Bob Orton Sr. and Debbie Combs

Independent St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions tonight: Danny Boy Hawkins, Keith Smith, Giant Assassin, Big Daddy, Rob Phillips, and Cora Combs (despite never having wrestled independently locally)

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