SICW 4/10/22

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Flash Flanagan & The Big Texan def. Kowalski & Mauler McDarby; Flanagan pinned McDarby after hitting him with his kendo stick behind the referee’s back – 7:31

Gary Jackson pinned King Christopher Hargas by kicking off the turnbuckles to counter a sleeper – 9:57

Billy McNeil pinned El Diablo with a diving elbow drop – 4:22

Curtis Wylde, Jayson Breed, & Billy McNeil def. Kowalski, Sean Vincent, & The Intern by disqualification; Vincent hit Wylde with his Canadian flagpole – 9:50

Bobby D def. Derek Stone by disqualification; Malice Mayhem sprayed Bobby D in the eyes with hairspray – 4:10

Danny Dollar pinned Frankie D with a cutter – 4:39

Mauler McDarby def. Shogun by armbar submission – 1:28

The Big Texan pinned Steve Fender with a lariat – 7:00

Frankie D pinned Gary Valiant with a Snake Eyes, getting the pin with a foot on the bottom rope – 5:38

Bobby D pinned Payton Ayers with a spinebuster into a jackknife cradle – 4:57

Curtis Wylde def. Mauler McDarby by disqualification; McDarby threw Wylde over the top rope – 2:56

Sean Vincent & The Intern def. Brandon Baretta & The Shogun; Vincent pinned Shogun with a Death Valley driver – 3:00

Jayson Breed def. El Diablo by Fujiwara armbar submission – 1:23

Derek Stone pinned Waco with a Michinoku Driver II – 2:05

(reverse order)

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