WLW 10/20/18

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

WLW Heavyweight & Italian Wrestling Association Championships: Jon Webb (c) vs. Jack Gamble vs. Austin Cravens vs. Jaden Roller in a four-way elimination match was a no contest; Gamble PIN Cravens, Gamble PIN Roller, Cravens and Roller then attacked Webb and Gamble, who could not continue – 14:38

Brandon Espinosa pinned Da’Marius Jones with a brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle – 14:36

Miss Monica def. Camron Bra’Nae by Fujiwara armbar submission – 7:25

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Karim Brigante (c) def. Jayden Dominic Rose by countout; Leland Race distracted Rose outside the ring – 11:17

(reverse order)

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