SICW 7/15/17

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Chris Hargas (c) pinned Heath Hatton – 17:44

Ken Kasa pinned Troll with a corner-to-corner missile dropkick – 5:45

Moondog Rover pinned Curtis Wylde when Wylde ricocheted a chair off the rope into his own head; Wyldefyre was the guest referee – 9:31

Flash Flanagan vs. Steve Fender was a countout draw – 11:04

Cowboy Marc Houston & Johnny Blade def. Jimmy D & Bobby D; Blade made Jimmy submit with a figure-four leglock – 6:16

Sean Vincent vs. Ax Allwardt was a time limit draw – 15:00

Gary Jackson & Keith Smith Jr. def. Karim Brigante & The Big Texan; Jackson pinned Brigante with a sunset flip – 9:22

Clint Poe pinned Jayson Khaos with a powerslam – 2:00

(reverse order)

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