MMWA Battle Royal Championship (Defunct)

The MMWA Battle Royal Championship was only defended in battles royal.

After March 9, 2014, this title was renamed the “Survivor Championship” and mainly defended in elimination-type matches with at least four combatants.

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Vinny the Tank
Lumberjack AbeSaint Louis, Mo.2/17/01Vinny didn’t participate
Lumberjack GabeSaint Louis, Mo.8/11/01
The Amish WarriorSaint Louis, Mo.5/18/02
Gary Jackson2/15/03
Brian BrunnellSaint Louis, Mo.11/8/03
Mr. Bibbs   
William GaylordSaint Louis, Mo.1/15/05 
Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.7/9/05 
Moondog RoverSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/06 
Jerome CodySaint Louis, Mo.1/5/08wins MMWA title 2/16/08
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.3/15/08Cody vacates in favor of MMWA title
Lumberjack GabeSaint Louis, Mo.3/15/08wins MMWA tag title 8/9/08
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.9/6/08Gabe vacates in favor of tag title
The Big TexanSaint Louis, Mo.9/6/08wins MMWA tag title 10/24/09
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.1/9/10Texan vacates in favor of tag title
Johnny BladeSaint Louis, Mo.1/9/10
VACANTBlade moves out of the area
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.5/8/10 
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.11/6/10def. Espinosa one-on-one after both win respective battles royal to qualify for final
VACANT 12/4/10Also MMWA and TV champ, Jackson had to vacate one title
Johnny CourageousSaint Louis, Mo.12/4/10 
Dave VaughnSaint Louis, Mo.7/9/11def. Sean Vincent one-on-one after both win respective battles royal to qualify for final; Courageous defended
Big Dave OsborneSaint Louis, Mo.1/21/12 
Chase KingSaint Louis, Mo.12/8/12Osborne didn’t participate
Raphael KingSaint Louis, Mo.5/11/13Royal Rumble
Lynn MephistoSaint Louis, Mo.8/10/13 
Webmaster Stevie KSaint Louis, Mo.12/7/13 
BarackusSaint Louis, Mo.5/10/143-way w/ Dave Osborne
Dave OsborneSaint Louis, Mo.7/12/142-1 in a Best-of-3
Brian JamesSaint Louis, Mo.9/13/143-way w/ Brandon Espinosa
Kevin Lee DavidsonSaint Louis, Mo.5/9/153-way w/ Tommy Dallas
UNIFIEDSaint Louis, Mo.9/12/15Davidson becomes heavyweight champ

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, David Creahin

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