SICW 9/29/18

Swansea Village Fire Department @ Swansea, Ill.

Steve Fender def. Gary Jackson, P.T. Beckham, Brady Shadeux, Jake Prater, Ricky Cruz, Sean Vincent, Billy McNeil, Moondog Rover, Shawn Santel, Mauler McDarby, Keith Smith, The Big Texan, Keith Smith Jr., Ken Kasa, Chris Hargas, and Bobby D in a battle royal (in order of elimination) – 18:25

Classic Wrestling Championship: Flash Flanagan (c) pinned Kowalski in a No Holds Barred & no countout match after jumping off the top rope to bash Kowalski with his kendo stick – 9:29

King Christopher Hargas & Steve Fender def. Ken Kasa & Sean Vincent; Hargas pinned Vincent from a diving headbutt of Fender – 12:42

Bobby D pinned The Big Texan with a double underhook facebuster – 7:04

Gary Jackson pinned Jake Prater with a small package – 8:32

Ricky Cruz & Keith Smith Jr. def. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby; Smith pinned McDarby with a sitout spinebuster – 9:23

Billy McNeil pinned Brady Shadeux with a springboard cutter off the second rope – 10:30

Keith Smith def. Moondog Rover by disqualification; Moondog hit Smith with his bone – 5:44

P.T. Beckham pinned Waco with a curb stomp – 5:37









(reverse order)

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