Anarchy 4/14/23

Spaulding Club @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Derek Neal (c) pinned Dingo after dropping Dingo face-first onto an exposed buckle – 13:44

Billie Starkz pinned Aaron Williams with a German suplex – 11:15

Thomas Shire pinned Adrian Surge with a powerbomb – 9:54

Nikki Victory def. Victor Analog, Evan Gelistico, and Dimitri Alexandrov in a four-way; Alexandrov is pinned with a cutter – 6:16

Sean Orleans pinned Nick King with a stunner – 1:50

Gary Jay def. Anakin Murphy by knockout with an elbow smash – 8:26

Connelly def. Manders by hangman neckbreaker submission – 9:59

Destination Championship: Davey Vega pinned Christian Rose (c) with a brainbuster onto Vega’s knee to win the title – 13:38

Camaro Jackson & Warhorse def. Moonshine Mantell & K.C. Karrington; Warhorse pinned Mantell with a lariat – 8:54

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Rahim De La Suede with a piledriver – 10:00

Zach Hendrix & Doc Simmons def. Jaques Kennedy & B.A. Malkin; Hendrix pinned Malkin after he and Simmons hit a running powerslam/diving stomp combo – 6:37

L-Ride & Madi Monarch def. Tommy Davis & Ashlyn Alexander; Madi rolled up Ashlyn – 6:35

(reverse order)

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