SICW 10/30/21

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center @ Belleville, Ill.

Attila Khan pinned Haku after stabbing him in the head with a fork in a No Disqualification match – 13:42

SICW Central States Championship: Gary Jackson def. Jimmy Razor, Mauler McDarby, Shawn Santel, Cylix O’Connor, David Lee Walker, Jayson Breed, Richard Shaw, Niles Plonk, Jake Lawless, Flash Flanagan, Ken Kasa, Ax Allwardt, Gil Rogers, Frankie D, Tyler Bodine, Kowalski, Steve Fender, Bobby D, Billy McNeil, The Big Texan, King Christopher Hargas, and Rick Ruby (elimination order) in a two-ring battle royal to win the inaugural title – 11:30

Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby; Gibson small-packaged McDarby – 8:47

Billy McNeil def. Sean Vincent by technical knockout; Vincent injured his knee while landing from a leapfrog – 4:59

Steve Fender pinned Bobby D with a schoolboy with a handful of tights – 11:13

Flash Flanagan & The Big Texan def. Rick Ruby & Richard Shaw; Texan pinned Shaw with a lariat – 7:15

Niles Plonk pinned Ax Allwardt with a roll-up – 7:49

Jayson Breed pinned Jake Lawless with a victory roll – 10:57

Jerry Lawler pinned Kowalski with a dropkick and fistdrop – 3:55

King Christopher Hargas & Ken Kasa def. Gary Jackson & Gil Rogers; Jackson attempted a suplex on Hargas, but Travis Cook tripped him and held his foot as Hargas fell on top for the pin – 9:26

(reverse order)

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