MMWA 11/9/19

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Barackus pinned Sid Holland with a sitout chokebomb – 4:53

MMWA Championship: Curtis Wylde pinned Khayman to win the vacant title with a cradle after Khayman was tripped by Wyldefyre (Wyldefyre was handcuffed to Keith Smith at ringside) – 10:45

Ricky Cruz pinned Rick Ruby with a diving elbow drop – 5:43

Gary Jackson & Keith Smith Jr. def. Moondog Rover & The Big Texan; Smith pinned Texan with a schoolboy – 12:16

Frankie D pinned Damion Cortess with a top wristlock – 10:33

Savanna Stone & James Brady def. Brian James & Mz Hyde; Stone pinned Hyde with a spear – 6:01

Dirty Ron McDonald pinned Ryan Ash after the diving elbow drop – 7:16

(reverse order)

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