Dynamo Pro 5/4/18

Sports Academy @ Glen Carbon, Ill.

Adrian Surge pinned Makaze with a spinebuster – 11:58

Jaden Roller pinned Mike Outlaw with feet on the ropes – 13:10

Viktor von Stein def. Outtkast by disqualification; with the referee distracted by The Snitch, Outtkast swung a chair and hit the ring post.  The referee heard the sound and thought von Stein had been hit – 8:59

The Snitch pinned Karim Brigante with a schoolboy – 7:26

Savanna Stone & Tootie Lynn Ramsey def. Miss Monica & Rahne Victoria; Stone pinned Monica as Tootie covered Victoria after they hit spears – 8:45

Camaro Jackson pinned D’mone Solavino by countering a rana pin into a sunset flip – 10:45

Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur def. Jackal & Ricky Rodriguez; Esteem pinned Rodriguez after he and LaFleur hit a side slam and diving elbow drop combo – 9:36

Billy McNeil def. C.J. Shine and Jace Sparkle in a three-way; Sparkle is pinned with a diving elbow drop – 8:57

(reverse order)

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