MMWA & SICW 8/5/17

Jesse Jackson Ave & Archie Moore Ave @ Saint Louis, Mo.

The Big Texan def. Frodo Meyer, JD Wilk, Sean Vincent, Jayson Khaos, Gary Jackson, and Khayman in an impromptu battle royal; Vincent and Khayman are last eliminated – 2:40

Moondog Rover & Gary Jackson vs. Sean Vincent & Curtis Wylde was a no contest; several wrestlers attacked the competitors – 10:46

Khayman pinned Johnny Park with a double underhook facebuster – 4:45

JD Wilk pinned Frodo Meyer with a frog splash – 6:09

MMWA Championship: Moondog Rover (c) def. Sean Vincent by disqualification; Curtis Wylde attacked Rover – 4:45

Brandon Espinosa pinned Jayson Khaos with a brainbuster – 6:18

Gary Jackson def. The Big Texan by countout – 6:22

(reverse order)

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