WLW 4/8/23

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Camaro Jackson pinned Kyle Roberts with a lariat; had Jackson lost, Race would have had to join Dysfunction (per stipulation, Jackson & Race will receive a tag title shot) – 17:07

Billy Jarrell pinned Jack Parker Jr. with an arm trap cradle somersault STO – 11:46

Leland Race pinned Brandon Espinosa with a Go 2 Sleep; had Race lost, he would have had to join Dysfunction – 12:23

Luke Anthony pinned Benjamin Trust with a roll-up – 12:33

Jack Parker Jr. pinned Bobby Joe Black with a knee smash to the face; Black had replaced Billy Jarrell, who Parker refused to face (although after the bout, Parker agreed to wrestle Jarrell later that night) – 5:25

(reverse order)

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