SICW 5/20/17


East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Sean Vincent def. Troll, Mauler McDarby, Ax Allwardt, Shawn Santel, Dave Vaughn, Bobby D, Jimmy D, Clint Poe, Moondog Rover, Johnny Blade, Ken Kasa, Steve Fender, Heath Hatton, and The Big Texan in a battle royal; Hatton and Texan are last eliminated – 8:34

Classic Wrestling Championship: Chris Hargas def. Flash Flanagan in a best-of-three falls match to win the vacant title (Referee: Ricky Cruz); Hargas pinned Flanagan with a suplex reversal into the ring at 8:12, Flanagan pinned Hargas with a diving stomp in 11:05, Hargas def. Flanagan by crossface submission – 17:23

Ken Kasa, Heath Hatton, & Sean Vincent def. Steve Fender, Ax Allwardt, & Troll; Hatton pinned Allwardt with a crucifix – 12:20

Gary Jackson vs. Johnny Blade was a time limit draw – 10:00

Moondog Rover def. Dave Vaughn by disqualification; Vaughn hit Rover with his own bone – 3:31

Flash Flanagan def. Curtis Wylde and Marc Houston in a three-way to advance to the championship final; Houston is pinned with a schoolboy – 8:48

The Big Texan vs. Clint Poe was a no contest; both men shoved the referee

Bobby D & Jimmy D def. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby; Bobby pinned Santel after a Hart Attack – 6:20

(reverse order)

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