SICW 5/21/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Jim Hoffarth def. Brandon Espinosa, Chris Hargas, Ken Kasa, Moondog Rover, Jimmy D, Sean Vincent, Dave Vaughn, Daniel Gunner, Cooter Bocephus, Britton Tucker, Jayson Khaos, Johnny Blade, Bubba Troll, Ax Allwardt, and Jason Vaughn in a battle royal; Troll is last eliminated – 10:37

Classic Wrestling Championship: Attila Khan def. Ron Powers (c) by disqualification; Powers hit Khan with a trash can – 7:13

Gary Jackson def. Curtis Wylde; Wyldefyre was locked in a cage at ringside – 9:36

Bubba Troll & Ax Allwardt def. Jim Hoffarth & Jason Vaughn; Troll pinned Vaughn – 9:46

Johnny Blade def. Flaming Freddie Fury – 6:22

Daniel Gunner & Cooter Bocephus def. Britton Tucker & Jayson Khaos; Bocephus pinned Khaos – 8:34

Sean Vincent def. Dave Vaughn by disqualification; Vaughn originally pinned Vincent while holding tights, but St. Louis Hall-of-Famer Lee Warren told referee Jay King and the decision was reversed – 7:42

Moondog Rover pinned Jimmy D with a powerslam – 5:38

Brandon Espinosa & Chris Hargas def. Ken Kasa in a handicap match; the match went to the time limit and Cook’s team won by special stipulation – 15:00

(reverse order)

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