NWL STL 5/21/17

Casa Loma Ballroom @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Todd Letterman, Cornell Douglass, & Castle def. Maverick, Davey Gibson, & Mathew Grundy; Douglass pinned Maverick after Letterman hit him with unseen chair – 20:54

Dak Draper pinned Jay Lutz with a gutwrench powerbomb in an impromptu I-70 Series match; NWL KC leads 12-7 – 9:11

Jack Foster pinned Ken Dharma with a big boot in an I-70 Series match; NWL KC leads 11-7 – 7:53

Skyler Beckett & Javy Torres def. Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch; Beckett pinned Ryan with a roll-up – 10:13

Xavier Church pinned Boulder with a cutter – 5:42

Emmett DuBois pinned Neon Iverson after hitting him with the ring bell while the referee was distracted – 7:05

Thor Theriot pinned Spike with a fireman’s carry gutbuster – 5:01

(reverse order)

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