WLW Ladies Championship

It’s the only active women’s title in the area.  The WLW Ladies Champion may as well be the “Saint Louis Ladies Champion” as well.

Fans, we need your help.  Send in corrections and/or notes if you have them.

Malia Hosaka Springfield, Mo. 4/1/99 first champion; unknown opponent
Brandi Alexander Springfield, Mo. 4/18/99
Malia Hosaka Eldon, Mo. 10/9/99
Heather Savage Buffalo, Mo. 4/27/01 def. Che Physique in tournament final
Che Physique Forsyth, Mo. 5/5/01
Heather Savage Springfield, Mo. 8/1/01
Heather Patera Eldon, Mo. 2/16/02
Wendy Rimmer Lexington, Mo. 3/8/03
Heather Patera Lexington, Mo. 12/8/03
Helena Heavenly Richmond, Mo. 4/23/04
Heather Patera Richmond, Mo. 8/14/04
Josie Kansas City, Mo. 11/13/04
Heather Patera Concordia, Mo. 4/9/05
Josie Eldon, Mo. 11/12/05 def. Rimmer
Christie Summers Maryland Heights, Mo. 12/9/06 3-way w/ Rebecca Raze and Jennifer Starr
Katie Syren Eldon, Mo. 9/21/07 3-way w/ Patera
Christie Summers Sedalia, Mo. 9/22/07
Katie Syren Maryland Heights, Mo. 10/27/07
Heather Patera Concordia, Mo. 11/17/07
Stacey O’Brien Lebanon, Mo. 4/25/08
Amy Hennig Warsaw, Mo. 10/24/08
Stacey O’Brien Maryland Heights, Mo. 11/22/08
Amy Hennig Eldon, Mo. 3/21/09
Becca Swanson Eldon, Mo. 10/3/09 3-way w/ Mendez
Lucy Mendez Spokane, Mo. 3/12/10 3-way w/ Hennig
Amy Hennig Summersville, Mo. 3/13/10 3-way w/ Swanson
VACANT 4/16/11 stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’Brien Burlington, Iowa 9/18/11 def. Mendez
Lucy Mendez Dodge City, Kan. 9/30/11 dual-title intergender tag match w/ Brian Breaker def. O’Brien & Jack Gamble
VACANT 2/10/12 stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’Brien Richmond, Mo. 2/10/12 def. Patera
Heather Patera Eldon, Mo. 4/19/13
Stacey O’Brien Camdenton, Mo. 4/27/13
Devyn Nicole Otterville, Mo. 3/14/14
Heather Patera Troy, Mo. 7/10/14
Stacey O’Brien Jefferson City, Mo. 11/22/14
Heather Patera Troy, Mo. 8/29/15 2-1; Best-of-three falls
Miss Monica St. Peters, Mo. 8/27/16 three-way with O’Brien
Stacey O’Brien Grain Valley, Mo. 9/10/16
Lucy Mendez Troy, Mo. 10/1/16
Miss Monica Richmond, Mo. 8/12/17
Stacey O’Brien Troy, Mo. 5/5/18

Credit: wrestling-titles.com


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