WLW Ladies Championship

It’s one of only two active women’s titles in the area.

Fans, we need your help.  Send in corrections and/or notes if you have them.

Malia Hosaka Springfield, Mo. 4/1/99 first champion; unknown opponent
Brandi Alexander Springfield, Mo. 4/18/99
Malia Hosaka Eldon, Mo. 10/9/99
Heather Savage Buffalo, Mo. 4/27/01 def. Che Physique in tournament final
Che Physique Forsyth, Mo. 5/5/01
Heather Savage Springfield, Mo. 8/1/01
Heather Patera Eldon, Mo. 2/16/02
Wendy Rimmer Lexington, Mo. 3/8/03
Heather Patera Lexington, Mo. 12/8/03
Helena Heavenly Richmond, Mo. 4/23/04
Heather Patera Richmond, Mo. 8/14/04
Josie Kansas City, Mo. 11/13/04
Heather Patera Concordia, Mo. 4/9/05
Josie Eldon, Mo. 11/12/05 def. Rimmer
Christie Summers Maryland Heights, Mo. 12/9/06 3-way w/ Rebecca Raze and Jennifer Starr
Katie Syren Eldon, Mo. 9/21/07 3-way w/ Patera
Christie Summers Sedalia, Mo. 9/22/07
Katie Syren Maryland Heights, Mo. 10/27/07
Heather Patera Concordia, Mo. 11/17/07
Stacey O’Brien Lebanon, Mo. 4/25/08
Amy Hennig Warsaw, Mo. 10/24/08
Stacey O’Brien Maryland Heights, Mo. 11/22/08
Amy Hennig Eldon, Mo. 3/21/09
Becca Swanson Eldon, Mo. 10/3/09 3-way w/ Mendez
Lucy Mendez Spokane, Mo. 3/12/10 3-way w/ Hennig
Amy Hennig Summersville, Mo. 3/13/10 3-way w/ Swanson
VACANT 4/16/11 stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’Brien Burlington, Iowa 9/18/11 def. Mendez
Lucy Mendez Dodge City, Kan. 9/30/11 dual-title intergender tag match w/ Brian Breaker def. O’Brien & Jack Gamble
VACANT 2/10/12 stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’Brien Richmond, Mo. 2/10/12 def. Patera
Heather Patera Eldon, Mo. 4/19/13
Stacey O’Brien Camdenton, Mo. 4/27/13
Devyn Nicole Otterville, Mo. 3/14/14
Heather Patera Troy, Mo. 7/10/14
Stacey O’Brien Jefferson City, Mo. 11/22/14
Heather Patera Troy, Mo. 8/29/15 2-1; Best-of-three falls
Miss Monica St. Peters, Mo. 8/27/16 three-way with O’Brien
Stacey O’Brien Grain Valley, Mo. 9/10/16
Lucy Mendez Troy, Mo. 10/1/16
Miss Monica Richmond, Mo. 8/12/17
Stacey O’Brien Troy, Mo. 5/5/18
Lucy Mendez Moscow Mills, Mo. 3/9/19

Credit: wrestling-titles.com

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