WLW Ladies Championship (Defunct)

It was the most consistently defended of the women’s titles in the area.

After Lucy Mendez won the title at 2019 Night of Champions, the title was not seen again.

Fans, we need your help.  Send in corrections and/or notes if you have them.

Malia HosakaSpringfield, Mo.4/1/99first champion; unknown opponent
Brandi AlexanderSpringfield, Mo.4/18/99
Malia HosakaEldon, Mo.10/9/99
Heather SavageBuffalo, Mo.4/27/01def. Che Physique in tournament final
Che PhysiqueForsyth, Mo.5/5/01
Heather SavageSpringfield, Mo.8/1/01
Heather PateraEldon, Mo.2/16/02
Wendy RimmerLexington, Mo.3/8/03
Heather PateraLexington, Mo.12/8/03
Helena HeavenlyRichmond, Mo.4/23/04
Heather PateraRichmond, Mo.8/14/04
JosieKansas City, Mo.11/13/04
Heather PateraConcordia, Mo.4/9/05
JosieEldon, Mo.11/12/05def. Rimmer
Christie SummersMaryland Heights, Mo.12/9/063-way w/ Rebecca Raze and Jennifer Starr
Katie SyrenEldon, Mo.9/21/073-way w/ Patera
Christie SummersSedalia, Mo.9/22/07
Katie SyrenMaryland Heights, Mo.10/27/07
Heather PateraConcordia, Mo.11/17/07
Stacey O’BrienLebanon, Mo.4/25/08
Amy HennigWarsaw, Mo.10/24/08
Stacey O’BrienMaryland Heights, Mo.11/22/08
Amy HennigEldon, Mo.3/21/09
Becca SwansonEldon, Mo.10/3/093-way w/ Mendez
Lucy MendezSpokane, Mo.3/12/103-way w/ Hennig
Amy HennigSummersville, Mo.3/13/103-way w/ Swanson
VACANT4/16/11stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’BrienBurlington, Iowa9/18/11def. Mendez
Lucy MendezDodge City, Kan.9/30/11dual-title intergender tag match w/ Brian Breaker def. O’Brien & Jack Gamble
VACANT2/10/12stripped for lack of defenses
Stacey O’BrienRichmond, Mo.2/10/12def. Patera
Heather PateraEldon, Mo.4/19/13
Stacey O’BrienCamdenton, Mo.4/27/13
Devyn NicoleOtterville, Mo.3/14/14
Heather PateraTroy, Mo.7/10/14
Stacey O’BrienJefferson City, Mo.11/22/14
Heather PateraTroy, Mo.8/29/152-1; Best-of-three falls
Miss MonicaSt. Peters, Mo.8/27/16three-way with O’Brien
Stacey O’BrienGrain Valley, Mo.9/10/16
Lucy MendezTroy, Mo.10/1/16
Miss MonicaRichmond, Mo.8/12/17
Stacey O’BrienTroy, Mo.5/5/18
Lucy MendezMoscow Mills, Mo.3/9/19
DEACTIVATED3/6/21Leland Race quietly confirms the title is no more

Credit: wrestling-titles.com

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