WLW 2/12/22

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Jon Webb & Jack Gamble (replacing Jayden Dominic Rose) def. Derek Stone & Camaro Jackson to advance to the Tag Team Championship Tournament final; Webb pinned Jackson with a running single leg high knee (this impromptu challenge came after Gamble saved Webb from a beatdown after the prior match) – 10:01

Derek Stone pinned Jon Webb from an unseen lariat from Camaro Jackson – 8:51

Moses vs. Steve Fender was a time limit draw; this was a contendership match – 15:00

Jack Gamble pinned Billy Jarrell with a fireman’s carry cutter (Leland Race was originally scheduled to wrestle Jarrell, but was attacked by Camaro Jackson) – 11:10

Camaro Jackson pinned Sean Logan with a lariat – 7:35

(reverse order)

NOTE: It was announced that WLW tag team champions Kyle Roberts & Colton Theron Vaught were unable to schedule their first round match (and title defense) in the Tag Team Championship tournament. Thus, the tag title is vacant and will be determined by the eventual winner of the tournament.

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