SICW 1/14/23

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Bobby D, Gary Jackson, & The Big Texan def. Attila Khan, Sheik Prater, & Payton Ayers in an elimination tag match; Texan pinned Ayers with a lariat, Prater pinned Jackson with a running crossbody, Prater pinned Bobby D after hitting him with the Central States belt behind the referee’s back, Texan pinned Prater with a lariat, and Texan pinned Khan with a lariat – 18:17

Flash Flanagan vs. Andrew Anderson was a no contest; Anderson brought Sullivan’s golden spike into the match and Flanagan brought in his kendo stick

Kowalski pinned Jayson Khaos with a corner slingshot splash – 5:12

Curtis Wylde def. Ax Allwardt by disqualification; Bradley Diggs & Lamont Potts attacked Wylde – 5:49

Big Joe Helms pinned Billy McNeil with an abdominal stretch cradle – 8:57

Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti def. Waco & Glenn Williams; Vinetti pinned Williams with a diving splash – 5:20

Gary Valiant pinned Larry Cooter with a stunner – 5:02

Steve Fender pinned Austin Mulitalo by rolling through a diving crossbody and holding the tights – 9:13

(reverse order)

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