Dynamo Pro 8/15/19

Gateway Harley-Davidson @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Gateway Harley-Davidson Championship: C.J. Shine (c) pinned The Snitch with a Russian legsweep – 9:33

Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur def. Geoffrey Hyde & Jackal in an impromptu match; LaFleur pinned Hyde with a shoulder jawbreaker – 14:00

Jackal def. Tony Esteem by disqualification; Jimmi LaFleur attacked Jackal – 6:28

Shiroi Senshi def. Heart Throb Jaden and Benjamin Trust in a three-way; Trust is pinned with a crucifix – 10:03

Outtkast pinned Khalil Akbar with a fireman’s carry bulldog – 13:58

(reverse order)

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