Dynamo Pro 8/4/17

The Loading Dock @ Grafton, Ill.

Adrian Surge pinned Brandon Aarons with a spinebuster to win the Riot on the River tournament – 16:34

Jon Webb pinned Karim Brigante with a backflip three-quarter facelock inverted DDT – 13:29

Brandon Espinosa pinned Jaden Roller with a brainbuster – 8:20

Viktor Von Stein & Xavier Shadowz def. Alexandre Rudolph & Mikey of Roscoe Eat Lisa; Shadowz pinned Rudolph from a leg drop by Von Stein – 9:13

Jake Parnell pinned Thomas Munos with a diving stomp – 11:22

Danny Adams pinned Justin D’Air with a fisherman driver – 11:23

Miss Monica pinned Savanna Stone with a roundhouse kick – 7:38

The Snitch def. Outtkast, Jackal, C.J. Shine, Frodo Meyer, and Benjamin Trust in a six-way tag match (two men legal at a time); Meyer is pinned from a fireman’s carry bulldog by Outtkast – 7:47

(reverse order)

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