SICW 2/15/20

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ricky Cruz (c) pinned Curtis Wylde with a schoolboy (Tito Santana was the guest referee) – 10:39

SICW Tag Team Championship: Gary Jackson & Gil Rogers (c) def. Ken Kasa & Christopher Hargas; Jackson pinned Kasa with a sunset flip (originally a Kasa & Hargas win at 7:14, but the bout was restarted when Flash Flanagan revealed to the referee that Hargas hit Rogers with a chain) – 3:49

Mauler McDarby pinned Chris Kade; Kowalski tripped Kade during a re-entry suplex, holding his foot as McDarby fell on top – 9:56

Ax Allwardt def. Damian Blade by disqualification; Blade threw Ax over the top rope – 7:05

Steve Fender pinned Bobby D with a brainbuster – 10:54

Frankie D def. Kowalski by disqualification; Kowalski brought Frankie D’s chair into the ring and shoved the referee – 7:20

Billy McNeil pinned Jake Prater with a diving elbow drop – 7:13

The War Machine pinned Richard Shaw with a heart punch – 1:15

(reverse order)

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