Grandel 4/30/22

The Grandel @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Davey Richards def. Samuray Del Sol by inverted Indian deathlock submission – 9:38

Moses & Rahim De La Suede def. Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson; Moses made Nelson submit to a Boston crab – 12:37

Moose pinned Kevin Lee Davidson with a spear – 7:55

Tenille Dashwood pinned Tootie Lynn with a running single leg dropkick – 5:21

Gateway Heritage Championship: Gary Jay (c) def. Aaron Williams in a ladder match – 13:32

Mike Outlaw pinned Alex Shelley with a cradle with illegal rope leverage – 10:32

Fred Yehi def. Davey Vega by sleeper hold submission – 10:14

Dan the Dad pinned Silas Young with a backpack stunner – 10:35

Josh Alexander pinned Camaro Jackson with a cradle – 14:07

(reverse order)

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