MMWA 6/18/21

Meramec (Arnold) Elks @ Imperial, Mo.

Ricky Cruz, Keith Smith Jr., & PT Beckham def. Damian Blade, Kahyman, & Damion Cortess in an impromptu match; Cruz pinned Blade with a diving elbow drop

PT Beckham def. Damian Blade by disqualification; Kahyman and Cortess attacked Beckham

Ricky Cruz pinned Jayden Dominic Rose with a cutter

Kahyman pinned Frodo The Ghost with a senton bomb

MMWA Championship: Damion Cortess def. Moondog Rover (c) by disqualification; originally a pinfall victory for Cortess after hitting Rover with a bag of dog food while original referee Jay King was knocked down, King overruled count by replacement referee HD Daniels due to Rover accidentally clotheslining King

Camaro Jackson pinned C.J. Shine with a swinging side slam

Keith Smith Jr. pinned Johnny Blade with a diving crossbody

Chris Kade pinned Garrett Shanks with a lariat

(reverse order)

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