WrestleMax STL 5/30/21

Red Flag @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega def. Chris Hendrix & A.T.M.; Fitchett pinned A.T.M. with a kneeling reverse piledriver – 12:31

Brooke Valentine pinned Laynie Luck with a spear – 10:49

Jake Something def. Beef The Freak (formerly Gnarls Garvin) by bulldog choke submission – 15:18

Kevin Lee Davidson pinned Xavier Walker with a Death Valley driver through a wooden door in a No Disqualification match – 16:50

JDX vs. Rohit Raju was a no contest; both men shoved referee Sean O’Brien – 15:01

Calvin Tankman def. Levi Everett and Edvin Kudic in a three-way elimination; Everett TKO Kudic then Tankman pinned Everett with a vertical suplex piledriver – 14:10

Blair Onyx pinned Olivia Rochelle with a DDT variant – 1:29

Camaro Jackson pinned Everett Connors with a lariat – 9:32

Mike Outlaw pinned Frodo The Ghost with a discus lariat – 3:28

(reverse order)

NOTE: After the main event, Mike Outlaw was officially awarded the River City Championship title and belt, but Rohit Raju attacked Outlaw and ran off with the covered belt before it could be unveiled.

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