MMWA 9/11/21

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Championship: Moondog Rover (c) vs. Damian Blade was a countout draw – 10:54

Andrew Wilder pinned Red Devil with a schoolboy with feet on the ropes – 5:01

Benjamin Trust pinned Ryan Ash with a fireman’s carry slam – 11:35

C.J. Shine vs. Slammer was a time limit draw – 15:00

Sid Holland pinned Johnny Blade with a jumping reverse STO – 10:00

MMWA Tag Team Championship: Kahyman & Frodo The Ghost def. Keith Smith Jr. (c) in a handicap match to win the title; Frodo pinned Smith from a Kahyman senton bomb (originally scheduled as a tag match, Ricky Cruz tossed his title belt into the ring and walked away from the match before the opening bell) – 12:19

PT Beckham pinned Outtkast with a double underhook facebuster – 8:33

(reverse order)

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