SICW 5/13/23

Aviator Hotel and Suites, BW Signature Collection @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Classic Wrestling Championship: The Big Texan def. Attila Khan (c) in a Texas Death Match to win the title; there was a thirty-second rest period after each fall before the ten-count was administered (Referee: James Beard; Texan (5 falls overall) pinned Khan (2 falls overall) after a cowbell-assisted lariat and Khan was unable to answer that ten-count after the rest period – 16:39

Bobby D def. Payton Ayers, Sheik Prater, Rick Ruby, Gary Jackson, The Intern, Dred Roberts, Dr. Isin, Gary Gram, Race Allen, Niles Plonk, Jason Jones, Christian Hunter, Lazaro Camarena, Blue Bolt, Benjamin Trust, Steve Fender, The Red River Brawler, Austin Mulitalo, Glenn Williams, Brandon Barretta, Joe Vinetti, Lamont Potts, El Diablo, Bradley Diggs, Jayson Breed, Joe Helms, and (last eliminated) Sean Vincent in a “Bruiser Brody, Larry Matysik, Tony Casta, Wrestling at the Chase Memorial” battle royal – 13:28

SICW Central States Championship: Sean Vincent (c) pinned Bobby D after kicking him in the gut with a loaded boot – 6:57

Gary Jackson, Curtis Wylde, & Jayson Breed def. Joe Helms, Bradley Diggs, & Lamont Potts; Breed pinned Helms after Diggs accidentally hit Helms with his chain – 6:26

Niles Plonk pinned Silas Mason with a fisherman suplex – 7:30

Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti def. Glenn Williams & Waco; Vinetti pinned Waco with a diving splash – 5:11

Benjamin Trust pinned Sheik Prater with a diving crossbody – 2:55

Race Allen def. Christian Hunter and Lazaro Camarena in a three-way; Camarena is pinned with a powerbomb – 8:49

NBW Championship: Dr. Isin (c) pinned El Diablo with a double knee backbreaker – 5:08

Steve Fender pinned Austin Mulitalo with an Indian deathlock – 8:52

(reverse order)

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