Serious prospects only.  If you saw an event while drunk with your buddies and think you can go toe-to-toe with those “rasslers,” you may need to reconsider.

All facilities require trainees to be at least 18 years old.  Dynamo Pro allows starting at 16 with a legal guardian’s approval.

The FORGE Pro Wrestling Academy


“The Forge” is the name of the program with trainers Camaro Jackson, Warhorse, and Mike Outlaw, headquartered in Utopia Studios. Formerly branded as “Team Ambition,” the program is no longer affiliated with founder Davey Richards. Training is 4 nights per week. Amateur/catch wrestling classes, promo classes, strength and conditioning, and pro wrestling for all levels.

Drop-in for experienced wrestlers $20
Visit their Facebook page!

Dynamo Pro Wrestling

The Dynamo Training Dojo lies within the historic Lemp Brewery and is home to two levels.  The space features two rings and an interview backdrop.

Dynamo Pro Trainer Sadie Blaze heads the DPW program.  To get involved, call Jim Yount: (314) 452-8868 or leave a Facebook message.

World League Wrestling

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy is on the edge of the metro area in Troy, Mo. and doubles as WLW’s home venue, the Race Wrestling Arena.

Trainer Leland Race is a second-generation wrestler who has competed in Japan via WLW’s connection with Pro Wrestling Noah.  Guest trainers (Steamboat, Regal, Kevin Von Erich, and more) drop by during camps.  To get involved, contact the school: (573) 392-4100 or

SICW Ace Wrestling Academy

The Ace Wrestling Academy holds its sessions at the East Carondelet Community Center.

Head trainer “Cowboy” Bob Orton and his handpicked assistants will develop your skills to become a wrestling star. To get involved, contact the school: (618) 286-4848.

18 Replies to “Training”

  1. I will be the next big thing…. and i know how to spell haha. It’s not a spelling bee though, im in it to be the best of the best, to win gold and make it to the top. Espinosa, im gunning for ya buddy.

  2. Wrestling is a Physical and Mental sport. If you don’t have the mental capacity to at least spell correctly or use correct grammar, then you will not learn how to ‘rassle’ correctly. Read the last 2 lines of this post by the site’s coordinator. I am pretty sure you 2 fit into the people who ‘think [they] can go toe-to-toe with [us] “rasslers.”‘ As noted before, ‘you may need to reconsider.’

  3. Reading the responses just wow. It takes great dedication and admires those who can tough it out. I wouldn’t mind to learn just to tough up a bit in life. But, who knws.

  4. I definitely want to learn and eventually become a Pro Wrestler. It has been my dream since I was a little boy watching The Rock and Stone Cold go toe to toe on TV. I am willing to work harder than ever before to exceed the standards on what a Pro Wrestler should be.

  5. How does this work? Do I have to get a membership at this gym in order to train? Does it make any difference if I have a gym already? I just want to train and compete.

    1. Only trained professional wrestlers may step into the ring at live events. If you are trained, it is recommended you still go through these proper channels to get booked on the local cards.

  6. It has always been my dream to become a pro wrestler, I’d always wrestle with my cousins on my bed, I pretended to be Matt and Jeff Hardy, Lita, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Trish Stratus and my most favorite, the late Ashley Massaro, but growing up in New Jersey, I’d always been the small town kid with big city dreams. I made my own titles out of unused pizza boxes from Domino’s, colored pencils, scissors and a wild imagination

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