SICW 9/15/22

Missouri Athletic Club Building @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MSW Southern Heavyweight Championship: Niles Plonk pinned Attila Khan (c) in a strap match where one can win by pinfall or submission to win the title – 13:53

Gary Jackson pinned Sean Vincent – 5:03

Brandon Barretta def. Curtis Wylde by disqualification; originally a pinfall win for Wylde, Herb Simmons reversed the decision due to Wyldefyre tripping Barretta prior to the fall – 5:46

Miranda Gordy pinned Mz Hyde – 6:59

The Big Texan pinned Waco with a lariat – 5:19

Steve Fender pinned Austin Mulitalo with a diving headbutt – 7:11

(reverse order)

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